Super Blue Full Moon in Pisces- Sensitivity is Your Best Friend, Structured Dreams, Revisiting Old Traumas

Super Blue Full Moon in Pisces- Sensitivity is Your Best Friend, Structured Dreams, Revisiting Old Traumas


On August 30th/31st, we have the uber emotional and sensitive Super Blue Full Moon at 7 degrees of Pisces. Full moons always indicate heightened feelings and they represent culminations, endings and manifestations. Pisces, the 12th zodiac sign is known to be introspective, dreamy, creative and deeply intuitive. 

The Super Blue Full Moon in Pisces is here to bring up all of our feelings to the surface to be purged and released. This deeply psychic moon is ready to open up our subconscious patterns to be examined and observed with patience + kindness. Expect to feel all the feels in big ways now. Heightened states of perception will be quite common. Our dream states will be super active. Ancestors and those who are on the "other side" will appear in dreams or even in real life as guardian angels and guides. The lower vibration of this Full Moon could be escapism and wallowing in our own shadow sides. The higher vibration of this Super Blue Full Moon could be the ability to tap into our sensitivity with compassion and phenomenal intuitive hits. This lunation is quite rare. In fact, we won’t see another Super Blue Moon until the year 2037!

The Super Blue Full Moon in Pisces will be making a loose conjunction ( 0 degree aspect) to retrograde Saturn who is also in the sign of Pisces. The Full Moon conjunct retrograde Saturn in Pisces could bring up old karmic patterns related to our past fears and traumas. There is wisdom here if we are willing to do the work and recognize our triggers. This aspect is favorable for taking responsibility and accountability of our emotions. The challenge could be the potential to be melancholy or exhibit hermit like tendencies to avoid dealing with our issues. This pair up will demand we get "real" and "grow up" in regards to our deepest phobias and fears. 

For those folks with their Sun, Moon or Ascendant signs on or close to 7 degrees of the mutable signs of: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces will be most impacted by this emotional lunation. Expect to end major cycles connected to your physical well being, family/home life, relationships and career. There could be lasting consequences in one or more areas of your life if you aren't willing to come from a place of understanding and compassion. For everyone else, check where 7 degrees of Pisces falls in your natal chart to see what emotional cycles you will be ending + where you will be developing a deeper level of intuition and sensitivity. 

The Super Blue Full Moon in Pisces is here to bring forth vivid dreams + the awakening of your imaginative and creative abilities. No other sign is as tapped into the 6 senses as a Piscean. We will be asked to hold a new level of understanding, kindness and compassion for ourselves and others at the time of this full moon. It is time to be ok with our emotions and instead of running and hiding from them...embracing them + allowing their existence to take place. This Full Moon in Pisces is here to bring forth amazing psychic insights, healing from our darkest wounds and new magic + miracles that come from a place of believing in anything and everything being possible. 

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