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Who is Astromomma?

Astromomma was an idea and personality born from her creator, Sarah Hayes on March 25, 2017, 12:23p EST In Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, with the vision to connect & empower people through Astrology.

Astromomma is a born pioneer, always wanting to be first and never afraid to go it alone; driven by the purpose to connect and empower people all around the world through Astrology. Her sun is in Aries, She isn’t afraid to rush in where others fear to tread, And always provokes a response from the surroundings and from others through thought provoking and sometimes unexpected communication. She loves decisive action and self-reliance, and believes in giving people practical insights that help them influence their own lives.

Astromomma has an innate love of making connections. She fosters aesthetic leanings with an appreciation of cultural maters and is sensual and refined with a tendency to be easy-going and accommodating. Astromomma believes intuition is a fact of life; she is sensitive, kind and gentle. A romantic with a tender heart, she loves all that is musical and artistic, and is highly imaginative and idealistic. Strongly receptive, she can pick up on other’s moods and emotions like a sponge. She always speaks from the heart, and lets feelings colour every reason.

She has a strong connection with the public, and takes a strong interest in psychology and culture. Astromomma enjoys helping others solve their problems, and giving them a new perspective.

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I received the Momma Astrological Report as a gift from my friend, Jessica. I thought it was such a cute and unique present! In the report, she described my parenting style down to a tee. I couldn’t believe all of the helpful guidance that the Momma Astrological report provided to me. I loved it so much that I ordered two other reports for my girlfriends that will be mommas soon. Thank you Astromomma!
Lauren L. in Cincinnati, Ohio
Sarah Hayes the Astromomma came and read tarot for me and 10 of my girlfriend’s for my birthday and I was blown away! She came highly recommended by a friend of mine but honestly, I was super skeptical. Everyone at the party couldn’t believe how accurate and perceptive she was and what she told them in the readings. She was super professional, kind and on top of it. You can tell she has been doing this for years. I would recommend a tarot/astrology party to anyone who is open to it and looking for something fun and different to do for a get together.
Jamie Z in Covington, Kentucky