September 2023- The Brightest Month of the Year, FINALLY... Relief is in Store, Massive Shifts + Breakthroughs

September 2023- The Brightest Month of the Year, FINALLY... Relief is in Store, Massive Shifts + Breakthroughs


Welcome to September 2023! Congratulations! You have made it through this last funky month of curveballs + surprises. 

It is time to FINALLY see some progress and advancement. You have earned it and September 2023 will be a breath of fresh air! It is time to be in action and to see all of your hard work and sacrifices pay off.

September 2023 is where we see Venus, the planet of love, beauty and comfort and Mercury, the planet of communication, business and contracts turn direct. We can now begin to see breakthroughs + movement in those areas mentioned. 

September is also the month right before we begin another Eclipse cycle. Eclipse season brings in curve balls, big events and shocks out of nowhere. While the Eclipse season can technically begin to show signs up to 4-6 weeks prior/post the actual date of the eclipses, September 2023 is the so-called final window before we enter this next period. This is the time( especially from mid September) to move and groove. No time like the present. Take advantage of this window of time and get ready to rock n roll!

We begin the month of September with a lovely and comforting aspect...

On September 3rd/4th, Venus, the planet as mentioned above of comfort, love, money and comfort, finally turns direct at 12 degrees of Leo. After 40 days in retrograde mode, which could have brought on havoc in terms of our love lives, money and sense of self, it is time to see progress and resolution in those areas. Venus direct in the sign of Leo is here to bring in progress in terms of how we express our own self love and how we relate to others. Issues that arose during the retrograde phase will slowly but surely begin to work themselves out. Wherever Leo falls in your natal chart is where you can see rewards + success. For those with their Sun, Moon or Ascendant signs in the fixed signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius will be most impacted by Venus's direct motion. Expect big and bold new breakthroughs in the most important areas of your life: physical appearance, family, relationships and your career. For everyone else, check where Leo falls in your natal chart to see where these beautiful and inspirational new breakthroughs will occur. 

Moving to mid month, on September 14th, we have the practical and intellectual New Moon at 22 degrees of Virgo. New moons are always a time to reset and to begin again. They represent the slate being wiped clean, new beginnings and fresh starts. Virgo, the 6th zodiac sign represents health, service, organization and intellectual mastery. The New Moon in Virgo is here to bring in some good ol' structure and intellectual brilliance into our lives. This is a great new moon to begin a wellness routine, start a new job or simply go out and contribute to your favorite charity/organization. Order and practical pleasures will be the focus of this grounded lunation.  With a positive 120 degree trine to retrograde Uranus, there will be some surprises that occur now but also a lot of solid and interesting breakthroughs. For those with their Sun, Moon or Ascendant signs in the mutable signs of: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces, will be most impacted by this brainy new moon. Expect to begin routines that could alter one or more areas of your life. Slow and steady with lots of attention to detail is the name of the game with this new moon. For everyone else, check where 22 degrees of Virgo falls in your natal chart to see where you will be beginning new practical and helpful routines in your life. 

More good vibes ensue on September 15th, when Mercury, the planet of communication, contracts and business, turns direct at 8 degrees of Virgo. This is significant. Not only is Mercury turning direct but he is in his sign of exaltation( powerful, directed) and he is now visible. Whenever a planet becomes visible, it gives that planet optimum strength and purpose. Mercury direct in Virgo is ready to untangle all of the mental confusion and madness of these last 3 weeks. This is a great time to start a new work routine or business. We will be hyper focused on the details and making sure we are crossing our t's and dotting our i's. Whatever mental struggles or mind games that came up during the retrograde phase will now start to sort themselves out. Beginning complicated projects that require a fine tooth comb analysis is favored now. For folks with their Sun, Moon or Ascendant signs on or close to 8 degrees of the mutable signs of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces this is the time to see big mental breakthroughs. There could be big promotions, life altering events and success after difficult struggles. For everyone else, check where 8 degrees of Virgo falls in your natal chart to see what mental and intellectual brilliance will begin to shine for you!

On September 22nd/23rd, the Sun, which represents our ego, life force and vitality, moves from the detached sign of Virgo into the commitment driven sign of Libra. Libra, the 7th zodiac sign represents union, balance, peace, harmony and compromise. The Sun in Libra is here to add a dash of diplomacy and loving vibes of peace. After all of this very focused Virgo energy, we are ready to let our hair down and focus on what brings us intellectual comfort rather than intellectual scrutiny. This is a great time to focus on bringing diplomacy and tact to any project we are working on. A lot of folks will be Uber concentrated on their romantic and business connections. The Sun's entry into Libra brings us closer to the beginning of the eclipse season as we have a Solar Eclipse in Libra on October 14th( more about that in the Oct forecast). On this date there is also the Autumnal Equinox( Northern hemisphere) and Spring Equinox ( Southern Hemisphere). The Equinox is a powerful time of manifestion and change. For anyone with their Sun, Moon or Ascendant sign in Libra, expect to feel a renewal and a brand new dawn of possibility present. For everyone else, check where Libra falls in your natal birth chart to see where you will be bringing extra harmony and peace of mind into your life. 

Finally on September 29th, we have the dramatic and fiery Full Moon at 6 degrees of Aries. Full moons bring things to a head and represent emotional climaxes, endings, manifestations, and culminations. There could be a big project or plan wrapping up for folks from the Solar Eclipse in Aries that we had back in April. The Full Moon in Aries is here to bring forth entrepreneurial vibes of freedom and a righteous attitude of progress. The opposing Sun in Libra wants balance and harmony but this Full Moon will demand we listen to our own needs first before compromising in connections. The Full Moon in Aries will also be opposing its ruler Mars who is in the sign of Libra. How is that for some further dichotomous energy lol? The Full Moon in Aries opposing Mars in Libra would bring many battles around this whole premise of me vs. we, you vs. I and selfishness vs. compromise. There could be many dramatic relationship endings now. Some folks could finally step into a new path with more autonomy and self driven inspiration. For folks with their Sun, Moon or Ascendant signs on or close to 6 degrees of the Cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn, expect major endings and big dramatic culminations. This could be around your physical body, family, connections and life path. For everyone else, check where 6 degrees of Aries falls in your natal chart to see where these super fiery and independent vibes will ensue. 

September 2023 is a month when things start to turn around and some big shifts await. While some of these could begin next month during the Eclipses, we will see glimpses of change this month. It is time to begin again and to see HUGE and PROLIFIC refreshes in our lives. These last couple months have been challenging but super educational. September 2023 wants you to take what you have learned and to utilize it in practical + peaceful ways. What was stuck now can become unstuck. What was previously blocked now can begin to manifest. This magical month asks that we recognize our inner strength and have the courage and willingness to begin with a fresh set of eyes + a renewed spirit. September 2023 is here to bring forth big breakthroughs around our love, money + comforts, mental clarity after many brain farts and the reminder that the light always returns even after the darkest storm. 

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