New Moon in Leo- Queen/King Vibes, Confidence Boost, Time to SHINE + PROSPER

New Moon in Leo- Queen/King Vibes, Confidence Boost, Time to SHINE + PROSPER


On August 16th, we have the bright and bold New Moon at 23 degrees of Leo. New Moons are a time to wipe the slate clean and begin again. They represent a fresh start, a new chapter and growth. Leo, the 5th zodiac sign, deals with the heart, confidence, warmth, leadership and honoring our inner child. Get ready to shine bright and to honor your heart with joy and delight!

The New Moon in Leo is here to bring forth vibes of confidence and leadership. This fiery and joyous new moon wants you to own your truth and to proclaim your most authentic form of self expression. Dramatic and bold, Leo energy is anything but timid and submissive. These folks are ready to make sh** happen and to do it with grand gestures + lots of attention. This is a great new moon to tap into your creative juices and to express your heart's passions. We will be ready to be SEEN and HEARD with this bright lunation. The New Moon in Leo is also a great time to honor your inner child's need to play and have fun. Hosting a party, event or just putting your best foot forward with a little bling to show is also favored now. The lower vibration of this energy could be over the top dramatic tantrums, ego overload and fixed mentalities. The higher vibration of this energy is the ability to take charge, honor your creative passions and tap back into the beauty of the present moment. 

The New Moon in Leo will be making a tense 90 degree square to Uranus, the planet of surprises, shocks and revolution, who is currently in the sign of Taurus. The New Moon in a battle with Uranus will bring forth unexpected surprises and shocks to our emotional states. Both Taurus and Leo are fixed signs, meaning ultra stubborn and firm, so we will need to watch for going overboard with these states of being. With Uranus in the mix, anything and everything could happen out of the blue. We will be asked to keep a somewhat detached stance even though that could prove to be difficult. The lower vibration of this aspect will be sudden and dramatic scenes, sudden shifts that will feel uneasy and egotistic madness. The higher vibration of this aspect will be the ability to remain grounded even in the midst of chaos and the ability to hold your own even when others are losing their sh**. 

For those with their Sun, Moon or Ascendant signs on or close to 23 degrees of Leo or the other fixed signs of: Taurus, Scorpio or Aquarius, expect to be most impacted by this bright lunation. Big and expressive new beginnings with your physical appearance, career, romantic relationship and life mission could be the theme now. It is a good time to begin anew and to be bold in expressing your desires. For everyone else, check where 23 degrees of Leo falls in your natal chart to see where these dramatic and warm new vibes should be focused on + acknowledged. 

The New Moon in Leo is here to bring forth our inner child's joy and sense of fun. Leo energy is about enjoying the present moment with delight and wonder. It is time to come back to our heart space and to focus less on our mental chatter + intellectual reason. This new moon wants you to be brave and to stand up for yourself. It is not the time to follow the lead of another. The New Moon in Leo is ready to give you the strength and fortitude to reach your goals and to shine your brightest light. The New Moon in Leo is here to bring forth your creative + artistic talents, bring forth your leadership skills and remind you that the best love is the one for the self. 

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