North Node in Aries/South Node in Libra- Self Direction vs. Collaboration, I vs. We, The Heart of a Warrior vs. The Balance of Reason

North Node in Aries/South Node in Libra- Self Direction vs. Collaboration, I vs. We, The Heart of a Warrior vs. The Balance of Reason


On July 17th, we have one of the biggest if not the BIGGEST transits of 2023, with the shift of the North Node/South Node from Taurus/Scorpio to Aries/Libra. The nodes hold power, fated shifts and destined paths. They are elliptical points on the moon's axis which shift signs every 18.5 months and bring in new lessons and blessings according to the signs they enter( and aspects they make with our natal planets). 

The North Node represents our destiny, sense of fulfillment, drive to conquer and the unknown. The South Node represents a spiritual point, our past, what we need to let go and release and surrender. The last time we had the North Node in Aries/South Node in Libra was from December 2004-June 2006. You might want to look back to that period as similar themes and situations from your own life could occur. Some notable events from that time were(not in chronological order) : the debut of Facebook and Twitter, NASA landing Opportunity Rover on Mars for the first time, the continuum of the US/Iraq War, Hurricane Katrina and the Indonesian Earthquake/Tsunami, just to name a few. 

The North Node in Aries/South Node in Libra is here to bring up the classic debate between the self vs. others. Aries as a sign deals with our unashamed desire to fulfill the self with fiery conviction and courage. Libra as a sign deals with our ability to relate to others, find balance and to seek harmony. The "pull" with the North Node in Aries will be around going after our own interests with an entrepreneurial spirit of determination + passion. The "release" with the South Node in Libra will be around letting go of connections or our own way of relating to others that harbors codependency and lack of individual self expression. The KEY with the Nodes is to find the balance between both. Neither is better than the other and their true power lies in working with each in tandem.This is a great transit to create your own business, project or side gig. You will be fired up to accomplish and lead. The opportunity will be to do so with the understanding of including another's perspective and finding a balance between your own desires and that of another. 

For folks with their Sun, Moon, Ascendant signs in Aries or Libra will be most impacted by this nodal shift. Expect life changing and I truly mean life changing situations to occur, especially as the Nodes get closer to the actual degree of your planets/points. Your whole life will alter and who you are 18.5 months out from now will be radically different. The second group most impacted by the nodal shift will be those with their Sun, Moon or Ascendant signs in the other Cardinal signs of Cancer and Capricorn. Similar life altering circumstances could be occurring for you folks. Changes with your home, career and livelihood could be the greatest areas of impact. For everyone else, check where Aries and Libra fall in your natal chart to see where these pioneering vibes of desire, mixed with the release of people pleasing tendencies will occur. 

The North Node in Aries/South Node in Libra is here to call our soul towards individual self expression and away from certain behaviors and connections holding us back from achieving such goals. As mentioned above, it is vitally important to honor both Nodes in our exploration of this transit. There is a tricky balance between being self focused but also recognizing and acknowledging the power of relating to another. Many amazing and incredible pioneering businesses could be created during these next 18 months. On the other hand, if you have been involved in relationships that are NOT mutually fulfilling, equally giving or that allow your true self to THRIVE, expect those to end with this transit. The North Node in Aries/South Node in Libra wants us to honor our authentic self with conviction and purpose and to attract those same like minded folks into our world. This transit is here to bring in incredible opportunities for courage and honoring our individual self expression, release of codependency + over giving and the realization of the power of individual accountability + determination.  

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