New Moon in Cancer- The Ultimate Comfy + Nurturing Energy is Here, Emotional Freedom, Imaginative Power + Mystique

New Moon in Cancer- The Ultimate Comfy + Nurturing Energy is Here, Emotional Freedom, Imaginative Power + Mystique


On July 17th, we have the beautiful and healing New Moon at 24 degrees of Cancer. New Moons are a time to tap back into your creative energy and begin again with fresh eyes, perspectives and initiatives. It is time to pick up the pieces and start a new project or plan that is near and dear to your heart. Cancer, the 4th zodiac sign deals with comfort, the home, mothering and security. 

The New Moon in Cancer is here to bring up all the feels + sentimental vibes to the surface. This is a powerful lunation for the fact that the Moon rules the sign of Cancer. When a celestial body or planet returns to its home placement, it gives it extra strength and direction. It is time to begin an emotionally satisfying project + to tap into your intuitive and sensitive side. Home, family, renovating and all matters to do with security will be super emphasized now. Stepping into a more vulnerable and motherly energy for everyone will be healing. This is a great time as mentioned to purchase a property, spruce up your existing abode, dive into your ancestry or get to your emotions on a deeper level. Many tears could be possible now. If that happens, surrender and lean into these. There is magic and delight within embracing our more feminine tender aspects. Being in the flow and allowing are two key factors of this New Moon's gifts. 

The New Moon in Cancer will be making a lovely 120 degree trine to retrograde Neptune, the planet of dreams, imagination and subconscious patterns, who is currently in her home sign of Pisces + a contentious 180 degree opposition to retrograde Pluto, the planet of regeneration, intensity and death/rebirth, who is the sign of Capricorn. The New Moon in harmony with Neptune will bring in all kinds of wonderful and mystical healing abilities. This is a great influence for anyone in the healing arts + medical fields. Your ability to nurture and comfort others mixed with a dose of imaginative energy will be strong with this combo. So will your intuitive powers. The New Moon in opposition to Pluto could bring in power struggles around our desire for security and control. It is important to allow situations to happen organically without the need to dominate. Finding a sacred balance between allowing our feelings to be known and a sense of grounded resolve will be the gift of this aspect. 

For those folks with their Sun, Moon, Ascendant signs on or close to 24 degrees of Cancer or the other Cardinal signs of Aries, Libra + Capricorn, expect big, bright beginnings now. Your emotional intelligence will be put to the test and major new starts in many areas of your life could be occurring all at once. Some could become parents or dramatic changes within your family structure are now possible. For everyone else, check where 24 degrees of Cancer falls in your natal chart to see where these new vibes of emotional tenderness and security will be showing up for you.

The New Moon in Cancer is here to bring in a recognition of our need to be vulnerable and open. No other sign can tap into their vulnerability like a sensitive Cancer. It is time to "reparent" ourselves from a place of compassion and understanding. The world is so cynical and cold. This New Moon will conjure up the opportunity to be in touch with our feelings in new powerful ways. The message of this tender new moon is the ability to go deep within our emotions to access a new form of freedom and self expression. The New Moon in Cancer is here to bring up all the feels + allow them to flow, bring in opportunities for your home + security and to remind us of the power of embracing our more loving and sensitive side with grace and ease. 

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