Venus Retrograde in Leo- Falling in Love With Thyself, Re-Igniting a Flame of Passion, Reversals in Partnerships + Coming Home to Your Heart

Venus Retrograde in Leo- Falling in Love With Thyself, Re-Igniting a Flame of Passion, Reversals in Partnerships + Coming Home to Your Heart


On July 22nd, we have one of the most profound transits of 2023 with Venus, the planet of love, connections, money and comfort turning retrograde at 28 degrees of Leo until September 4th. Leo, the 5th zodiac sign deals with creativity, leadership, heart centered matters, childlike energy and passion. 

Get ready for some Summer/Winter fireworks with this transit!! Leo is always dramatic and never disappoints with the IT factor! Passion to the 10th degree is here and lots of destined storylines connected to our hearts desires will play out now.

Venus, the planet of love turning retrograde in Leo is here to bring major reflection, redirection and refocus around who and what we love, value and find comfort in. A more self directed and focused energy around our desires will ramp up in a major way for the next 40 days/nights. This is quite a rare transit, only happening every 18 months or so. Venus is transforming from her current evening star state to a morning star by the time of her moving direct in September. Evening star Venus tends to be more feminine, gentle and docile. Morning star Venus tends to be more masculine, dominant and a go-getter. 

This is an excellent time to tap into your heart and discover what truly brings you satisfaction. This is also a great transit to revisit old hobbies and creative projects that once made you super happy + inspired. Of course old flames from the past could come back in to try again. This is NOT the best time to begin all new relationships if possible or to get married, buy expensive luxury items or get major cosmetic surgery done. 

Venus retrograde in Leo will be making some tense and firework induced square aspects to Jupiter, the planet of luck, wisdom and expansion + Uranus, the planet of surprises, shocks and evolutions, both of whom are in the sign of Taurus. Retrograde Venus in Leo in a battle with Uranus in Taurus will bring in sudden and quick reversals within partnerships and possibly with our finances. Be prudent when making long term investments whether this be with people or your finances. This is the classic falling in love aspect and folks could suddenly rush into unions that might end as quickly as they began. If you want some excitement and adrenaline rush energy, this aspect will certainly produce it. Be careful around any knee jerk impulses and reactions.Retrograde Venus in Leo in a battle with Jupiter in Taurus will EXPAND our passionate and philosophical natures tenfold. Be careful of getting super fixed on a particular person, idea or philosophy. Also watch for over indulgence and opulence as both planets love the good life + we can certainly overdue pleasure seeking activities now.

For folks with their Sun, Moon or Ascendant signs between 12-28 degrees of Leo will be most impacted by this Venus retrograde cycle. Expect life changing events connected to your identity, career, family, relationships and overall life mission. The closer the degree of when Venus transits is when these events could play out and when she turns direct again, you could see part 2 to these life altering events. The second most impacted group will be folks with their Sun, Moon or Ascendant signs between 12-28 degrees of the other fixed signs of Taurus, Scorpio and Aquarius. Again, major destined revisions around what and who you value will be brought up to be examined. Dramatic endings and even more dramatic beginnings could take place and quite unexpectedly. For everyone else, check where 12-28 degrees of Leo falls in your natal chart to see where you will be reevaluating any heart focused and passionate ideas, projects, connections or plans.

Venus retrograde in Leo is here to bring forth a re-ignition of our heart in surprising and enlightening ways. This is the transit to fall back in love with who you are and to regain new levels of self confidence and self mastery. No other sign is as loving of thyself as a proud Leo! It is important to look at this retrograde phase as an opportunity to tune into your passions and to rediscover what or who truly turns you on and lights you up! I always say retrogrades ( especially of inner planets) bring in magic and miracles if you allow them to. We need a pause to reflect and refocus our energies, and this is what is now possible. Venus retrograde in Leo is here to bring in a refocus to our passions and connections, re-inspire our desires and delights and remind us how amazingly courageous and loved we truly are! 

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