Vernal/Autumnal Equinox, Sun in Libra- A Time for Balance + Heart Awakenings, Co-Operation of Opposing Values, Unity of the Masculine + Feminine

Vernal/Autumnal Equinox, Sun in Libra- A Time for Balance + Heart Awakenings, Co-Operation of Opposing Values, Unity of the Masculine + Feminine



On September 22nd, we have the powerful and balancing Vernal equinox in the Southern Hemisphere and the Autumnal equinox in the Northern Hemisphere. The Equinox is a special day of setting intentions and holding sacred space for yourself and others. There is a perfect balance of hours between the day and night. Magic and guidance are heightened so pay attention to any signs, symbols or omens from spirit. The veil is thin and rich with guidance and wisdom.


At the same time, the Sun, which rules our identity, ego and life force shifts from the earthy sign of Virgo, over to the airy sign of Libra. We have now entered into the Cardinal modality of action, leadership and progress. All of the cardinal signs( Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) begin a new season and are powerful initiators of movement and leadership. Anyone with prominent Cardinal sign energy knows how to get things moving and grooving. These folks are brave, bold and full of vigor. Libra, the 7th zodiac sign in particular is known to be relationship focused, artistic, fair, balanced and peaceful. 


The Vernal/Autumnal Equinox and Sun in Libra is here to restore our sense of equilibrium in a time of confusion and tense circumstances. The natural law of Mother Gaia is all about restoring balance and order. This Equinox and Sun in Libra time is about healing the aspects of our inner feminine and masculine energy in order to restore our vitality and sense of unity within the self. Astrologically speaking the Sun in Libra happens to technically be debilitated in the sign of the scales due to the fact that it is exalted in the opposing sign of Aries. This will cause some of the more prominent qualities of the Sun, which includes exuding our more dominant and ego centric sides to be toned down and muted. The universe is asking that we tap back into the tranquility and serenity that lie behind any false pretenses and narratives. To be gentle, balanced and peaceful in my humble opinion takes more courage and guts than parading our ego around to be praised and recognized. In a world that for the most part is fascinated with the “me, me, me” concept, to counteract with the importance of the “we, we, we” concept takes a risk. 


This next season wants us to tap back into the power and wisdom of when we are able to put our differences aside and work with one another in harmony and unity. The beauty of this time isn’t about highlighting how different we are but rather working inside of these differences for the betterment of all involved. Remember when that was possible? I still believe it is but we now must ascend to another level of such understanding and workability. If there ever was a time, this is it. The Vernal/Autumnal Equinox wants to bring this magic of working together, balance and peaceful resolutions back into your life. There is a calming and soothing effect that wants to replace any anxiety, loneliness and heartache of the collective. We are all that WE have. May we find the beauty in our differences. If not for ourselves, for our future generations who look to us for guidance and support. May this next season grant you with extra gentleness and healing.


For this beautiful Autumnal/Vernal Equinox and Sun in Libra, I have written a poem to usher in this next season. I started this at the beginning of the year with the Sun in Aries and will continue it for each time the Sun enters into a new zodiac sign. I hope you enjoy it! Happy birthday to all my lovely Libras out there!!


Vernal/Autumnal Equinox, Sun in Libra Poem

May your heart be renewed by your faith in humanity

As we enter into this next season, may the burdens of your past be a reminder of your strength to carry on + to forgive

This is a sign of a noble and trusting heart

If you have lost that feeling, may this next season usher in a new awareness of your divinity and grace

May you come to recognize that I AM YOU and YOU ARE ME

We are one; united + supported by our differences, beliefs and values

These differences aren’t meant to separate but to unite us with sacred perspective 

And lessons of growth + understanding

May the world learn how to embrace the turbulence of opposing viewpoints and different experiences

You have something to give to me and I have something to give to you

Balance, peace and love is possible when we honor one another instead of fight each other

May this next season restore your faith in yourself and your fellow woman/man

May you see the beauty all around you but most importantly within you

You are LOVE incarnated

You are a blessing to this earth

You matter 

You are a walking and living miracle


© Astromomma, 2021

Image: Katerina Bobarykina, @katerinabobarykina

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