Partial Solar Eclipse in Scorpio-Ultimate Transformer, Love is Eternal + Never-ending, Releasing Lifetimes of Repression + Sorrow

Partial Solar Eclipse in Scorpio-Ultimate Transformer, Love is Eternal + Never-ending, Releasing Lifetimes of Repression + Sorrow


On October 25th, we have the massive and life changing Partial Solar Eclipse at 2 degrees of Scorpio. Eclipse energy is intense because it signifies change, sudden events and catalysts of growth for our evolution. The Partial Solar Eclipse itself is a new moon on steroids that will lead to life changing new starts, beginnings and the slate being wiped clean. Scorpio, the 8th zodiac sign, deals with death/rebirth, others/union, intensity, depth, transformation and sexuality. 

The Partial Solar Eclipse in Scorpio is here to create a catalyst of death and rebirth. This baby will be intense and full on. There is an awakening of our inner power that will lead to all kinds of spiritual growth and cathartic release. Since this is a new moon, there is a promise of hope and renewal. The catch is you first have to allow something to die in order for these new starts to begin. 

The Partial Solar Eclipse wants you to go deep inside the abyss of your passions and fears and to not run from them but embrace their power and fortitude. Since the South Node is conjunct this Eclipse, many past life remembrance and previous situations around power, control, intimacy and merging could come back to haunt you. The South Node in astrology is an elliptical point on the moon's axis that deals with letting go, release, comforts, obstacles and what is familiar. Something has to go and go in a major way at the time of this eclipse. Release no matter if it is ultimate for our highest good, is not an easy process. This Partial Solar Eclipse is asking that you find the strength to finally face your fears with reverence and acceptance. No hiding with this eclipse. No faking it till you make it. This is about total surrender and allowance. This is about finding your power in releasing what has held you back and the strength to rise like the phoenix from the ashes. 

The Partial Solar Eclipse in Scorpio will be making an interesting conjunction (0 degree aspect) to Venus, the planet of love, money and pleasures, who also has just entered the sign of Scorpio. Venus is not very comfy here as this is the placement of her detriment. Detriment planets are often weaker in nature as the planet is not able to fully exude its  strength of power and purpose. The Partial Solar Eclipse conjunct Venus will bring forth an element of love, money or power being at the center of this lunation. Some folks could begin a super intense relationship that catapults their growth to amazing new heights. On the other hand, since the South Node is also involved, some folks could be releasing a relationship or form of income in order to begin in a new direction. Feelings of obsession and passion are sure to ensue. The key with this aspect is to know that whatever happens now could be erratic. Eclipse energy is not the time to make major decisions as the cosmic energy is changeable and erratic. If you find a new passion in a person or purpose, enter into it slowly and with a "wait and see" kind of mentality. This could be difficult for the "all or nothing" attitude of Scorpio. Being mindful of our intensity and fixed perspectives will be super important now. 

The folks most impacted by the Solar Eclipse in Scorpio will be those with their Sun, Moon or Ascendant on or close( +/- 3 degrees) of the fixed signs: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. Expect some major death/rebirth situations to arise that might feel like your world is ending. Hold tight as this will lead to massive rebirths of strength and purpose that you might not initially see within these dramatic changes + shifts. For everyone else, check where 2 degrees of Scorpio falls in your natal chart to see where you will experience these powerful shifts of death/rebirth and an awakening of your inner power and sexuality. 

The Partial Solar Eclipse in Scorpio is here to allow something major to end in order to give you the strength and power to begin again. This death/rebirth cycle is a constant process of life, but this lunation will create situations + circumstances that bring these themes to the forefront. This is the time to face your shadow with awareness and understanding. There is a darkness here but that also allows that light to be brought forth in healing + transformational ways. This Eclipse wants you to get real about where you are owning your power and where you are giving it away. It is time to reclaim your faith in the unknown aspects of your life and to trust your journey. The Partial Solar Eclipse in Scorpio is here to bring forth massive new shifts in your relationships to others and the self, create crises that lead to massive breakthroughs and to remind you of the power of surrender and allowance.

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