Vernal/Autumn Equinox- The Willpower to Transform Again, The Universe Wants to Support Your Dreams, Fire in the Belly, Stars in Your Eyes

Vernal/Autumn Equinox- The Willpower to Transform Again, The Universe Wants to Support Your Dreams, Fire in the Belly, Stars in Your Eyes


On March 20th, we have the beginning of Spring here in the Northern Hemisphere and the beginning of Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere. Happy Vernal/Autumn Equinox and astrological new year my Astromomma Fam! On the very same day, the Sun, which represents our: ego, life force and vitality, shifts from the dreamy sign of Pisces, into the fiery sign of Aries. Quite a lot going on! This is an amazing day of, magic, miracles and new intentions. Equinoxes, just like solstices, are days to set intentions and prayers for the coming season. This is a perfect day to hold a sacred pact with yourself as you embark on a new chapter and turn a new leaf.

The Vernal/Autumn Equinox and Sun’s entry into Aries is a powerhouse of new shifts and awareness. In ancient times, astrologers looked to see what alignment occurred on the first day of the Sun’s entry into Aries, as it cast a new birth chart for the whole year. The Sun’s entry into the trailblazing sign of Aries, is here to light a fire of possibility and renewal within your heart. No other sign can get it moving and grooving quite like a rambunctious ram! It is time to rise and create from our childlike innocence and to take risks.

After months of turbulence and uncertainty, the Sun’s entry into Aries wants to bring in a spark of innovation and originality. The Sun’s entry into Aries is extra special this year, as it is happening while the moon is in a waxing state (growth + progress) but also while all the planets are in direct motion. This is an extra boost in our power and manifestation abilities. It is time to begin that new business, project or idea that keeps lingering within our mind. Go, go, go will be the theme with the Sun’s entry into the ram’s den. A spark of genius and enlightenment is ready to find you and the world is your oyster.

Happy Vernal/Autumn Equinox and Happy Birthday to my dear Aries folks.Since everyone enjoyed the haiku inspired poem I created for the Sun’s entry into Pisces, I thought I could not leave my dear Aries hanging. To welcome in this powerful day and season, I channeled this message from spirit… I hope you enjoy it.


Vernal/Autumn Equinox/ Sun in Aries Haiku Inspired Poem

May you enter into this new season with a renewal of faith and courage

May you leave behind the woes and worries of this last year and reclaim the inner fire of brilliance and creation within your soul

Your inner light knows the way, trust it and surrender to its flow

A powerful and mighty leader is here; in fact it never has left

You are not here to play small but rather to honor the call to RISE and HONOR your sacred vision and quest

Your inner child wants you to come back out and play, your heart wants you to recognize the power of its ability to heal and begin once more

As we enter this new season it is time to shed the old skin and stand up for who you are and what you came into this life to accomplish

The universe has your back and wants you to know that you are never alone on this journey

May this Equinox bring you back to your wholeness and to your sovereignty

May this new season greet you with open arms and a gentle touch

You are here to SHINE

You are here to BELIEVE

You are here to LOVE and be LOVED

You are a MIRACLE


© Astromomma, 2021

Image: Shakti by Minjae Lee

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