Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius- The Light at the End of the Tunnel... After a Year of Darkness, Faith Will Bring in Miracles, Together We Are Stronger + You Are Never Alone

Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius- The Light at the End of the Tunnel... After a Year of Darkness, Faith Will Bring in Miracles, Together We Are Stronger +  You Are Never Alone
On December 14th, we have the last eclipse of 2020, with a Total Solar Eclipse at 23 degrees of Sagittarius. Solar Eclipses are new moons on steroids and herald 10x the power and magnitude of: fresh perspectives, new beginnings and a clean slate. Sagittarius, the 9th zodiac sign, deals with: hope, wisdom, truth, faith and the will to seek authentic justice and enlightenment. 
After a dark and turbulent year filled with many challenges and struggles, we are all ready to turn a new leaf + create healing. Even as I write this, I am fighting back tears connected to the collective pain and sorrow that this year has produced. We are all ready for massive shifts and retribution. We are ready to stand united and to seek the light at the end of the tunnel. Well my loves, this last eclipse of 2020 has come to provide the hope and inspiration that our weary hearts so crave and desire. 
The Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius is here to provide a healing balm of truth serum filled with inspiration and hope. Us Sagittarius dominant folks, (I am a Sag rising) are always looking to provide a sense of relief and wisdom within the darkness of life. No other sign can produce such rays of fiery encouragement and faith like a devoted Centaur. In the darkness of 2020, we have been blessed by the star gods. This final eclipse holds such promise and such wisdom if we are willing to listen and embrace its presence. This will require that we get super REAL on what is our authentic truth. Nothing but the whole truth. This takes courage and guts. This takes grit. We are being asked to find the light within such dark times. No outer circumstances will produce such light. That light is found within. That light is an eternal flame of our soul's wisdom and perseverance. 
The Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius wants us to find our authentic truth and hold ourselves accountable to its vow. There is an emergence with this powerful lunation of true freedom and liberation. This liberation is connected to listening to our hearts wisdom and tempering our wandering mind. We are being asked by spirit to step into our authentic power and god/goddess like strength of possibility and hope. Major truth bombs will be revealed at this time. The key to harnessing the power of this eclipse is to remain focused on our mission and to not lose ourselves in the banter of the outside world. True faith is what our soul was meant to discover. This is especially true within such unknown and unprecedented times. The Total Solar Eclipse is here to provide solace for our sorrows and inspiration for our deepest desires. 
The Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius is being met by the South Node, who is also currently in Sagittarius. The South Node or Ketu as it is known in Vedic astrology, holds a karmic and potent spiritual path of destiny. The South node is the point on the moon's ecliptic axis which deals with: release, allowance, letting go and surrender. Something big will need to be released at the time of this Solar Eclipse. This could be around our sense of feeling like we don't know what the truth is anymore. This could also be around our sense of feeling like we don't have any more strength left to fight another battle within this world. Whatever we have to release at this time, whether or not it involves the possibilities I mentioned, there is a request from the universe to surrender and to believe that with such surrender, anything and everything can be created and healed. When we let go of long held truths, or perceived truths that have been told to us by: our upbringing, society, the government, the elite, whoever, we actually create a space of unlimited potential and the miraculous to show up. This is the power of such surrender and willingness to create our own justice and truth seeking path.
This eclipse is making many aspects to her planetary brothers and sisters. 
The first is a conjunction with Mercury, the planet of: the mind, communication and contracts, who is also in the sign of Sagittarius. Mercury conjunct the Solar Eclipse will usher in mental downloads of divine intervention. Spirit will be having major conversations of hope and healing with this aspect. Brilliant and authentic realizations will take form. Powerful conversations that have been waiting to be expressed will be the theme with this conjunction. 
The second aspect to La Luna will be a powerful, 120 degree harmonious trine from Mars, the planet of: action, willpower and drive, who is currently in the fellow fire sign of Aries. Transit Mars in Aries in a beautiful tango with this Solar Eclipse will bring in the warrior spirit of holy faith and conviction to our lives. A brash and unbridled sense of passion and courage will be felt. This is a great aspect to try something that we have always wanted to but have been afraid to attempt. There will be a surge of adrenaline and pure ambition with these two in alignment. 
Finally, the Solar Eclipse will be in a tense 90 degree square to Neptune, the planet of: dreams, subconscious patterns and illusions, who is currently in the sign of Pisces. Transit Neptune in Pisces in a tense battle with the Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius will demand that we get real and not gloss over these revealing truths and epiphanies. There could be some "rose colored glasses" moments with this aspect where we don't see everything with a clear perspective or vision. We will be asked to get very REAL and not hide from some of these truths, which might be rather confronting and full on.
The Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius is here to shine a light of promise and possibility into your life. After a year of so many unknowns and trials, this powerful lunation wants you to drop down to your heart and recognize the miracle of your life. You have made it through some of the toughest storms and battles and here you are still here. You are a miracle. You are here for a reason. The Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius wants you to honor your sense of victory and willingness to try once again. This is for the strong. This is for the brave. You will be rewarded now. The Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius is here to: bring forth your truth to be honored and recognized, restore your faith in yourself and humanity +  to remind you of your grace and sense of faith that will always protect + guide you. 
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