Total Lunar Eclipse in Taurus- Your Value Matters + Is Magnetic, Curveballs with Resources, Abundance is an Inner State of Mind

Total Lunar Eclipse in Taurus- Your Value Matters + Is Magnetic, Curveballs with Resources, Abundance is an Inner State of Mind


On November 8th, we have the powerful and uber emotional Total Lunar Eclipse at 16 degrees of Taurus. Lunar Eclipses are full moons on steroids that herald massive and unavoidable endings, manifestations and culminations. Eclipse energy is magical yet unpredictable + changeable. Heightened emotions are to be expected. Taurus, the 2nd zodiac sign, deals with resources, values, self worth, security, survival and tangible things. 

The Total Lunar Eclipse in Taurus is here to bring forth culminations and endings connected to our values and who or what gets our time and energy. The moon is in love with being in the sign of Taurus, her placement of exaltation. Exalted planets vibe with power, purpose and comfort. This eclipse is also aligned with the North Node, which is a fated elliptical point on the moon's axis. The North node propels us forward into our destiny and purpose. The higher vibe of the North Node energy is the ability to go after what we want and to surrender our past ideas connected to our identity. The lower vibe of the North Node energy is the inability to allow fate to take its course and to hold on to the illusion of power and attachment to the past. It is up to you to decide how to work with the North Node's energy. This pairing will demand we get clear about what or who really makes us feel grounded, secure and in touch with our heart's desires and who or what doesn't provide such energy in our lives.

During this full moon eclipse, there is sure to be a reevaluation connected to our money, sense of comfort and survival. Some could finally see their hard work pay off in big ways on the material plane. For others the reverse could be true in the sense of a deep financial loss or realizing where they have played small and tolerated less than they deserve. If the latter is the case, this Total Lunar Eclipse wants to put an end to any "lack mindset" or doubt about one's worth and value. It is time to find your value within yourself and to let go of doubts + attachments to the past. 

The Total Lunar Eclipse is making a powerful 0 degree conjunction to Uranus, the planet of surprises, shocks and twists, who is also in the sign of Taurus. The Total Lunar Eclipse conjunct Uranus will bring in sudden curve balls connected to our sense of security and resources. With eclipse energy ANYTHING and EVERYTHING is possible here. As mentioned above, this could be a sudden windfall of resources or a sudden departure of such things. I expect the stock markets, agricultural industry and other financial institutions to be massively impacted by this conjunction. The key with this aspect is to let go and trust that whatever arrives or departs is a part of a higher sense of evolution and revolution. Uranus energy can be scary if we hold on too tight or get too attached to a particular outcome. My advice is to allow this change and transformation to take place. The universe has your back but first you must have your own. There is a sense of the scales shifting in erratic and chaotic ways with this pairing. Rolling with the unknown and the unpredictable is an art of detachment. This will be very important to keep in mind + give you a renewed sense of power + strength at the time of this meetup. 

For folks with their Sun, Moon, Ascendant( or IC, DC, MC) on or close to 16 degrees of Taurus and/or the other fixed signs of Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius will be most impacted by this eclipse. Expect life changing events, people and situations to all of sudden come into your life or all of a sudden exit. Whatever happens it will be dramatic and final. Again, nothing to fear. Embracing these changes no matter how scary at first they seem will be your key to ultimate liberation + freedom. For everyone else, check where 16 degrees of Taurus falls in your natal chart to see where big shifts, culminations connected to your values, resources and sense of self will be most heightened + noticeable. I will be doing an extended sign horoscope for each sign on my Patreon( link below) if you are interested in finding out more!

The Total Lunar Eclipse in Taurus is here to bring forth a culmination of no longer tolerating less than we deserve and desire. There is a line being drawn in the sand with this powerful full moon that won't allow us to play small or accept breadcrumbs anymore. True security isn't things but the richness of abundance and wholeness we feel within. This lunation will make it painfully clear on who or what needs to be "eclipsed" out of your life in order to bring in a deeper and more fulfilling sense of wealth and prosperity. These exits will allow for more abundance to come forth that will feel authentic and destined. The Total Lunar Eclipse in Taurus is here to have you honor and give praise to yourself in magical and miraculous new ways. She is here to bring forth an end to a lack mindset, remove barriers connected to our sense of security + desires and to bring forth a new awareness and discovery of who and what deserves our attention and energy.  

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