Super New Moon in Scorpio- The Most Healing + Transformational Moon of 2020, Your Ultimate Re-birth, The Ancestors Are Speaking... Are You Listening??

Super New Moon in Scorpio- The Most Healing + Transformational Moon of 2020, Your Ultimate Re-birth, The Ancestors Are Speaking... Are You Listening??
On November 15th, we have the New Moon at 23 degrees of Scorpio. The days before a New Moon can be quite tense and uneasy. We as humans are very ruled by the Moon and without La Luna's light, this time before her rebirth can be very unsettling and dark. New Moons always herald: fresh perspectives, new beginnings and the slate being wiped clean. Scorpio, the 8th zodiac sign, deals with: power, intensity, death/rebirth, transformation and shared resources. 
This New Moon will be one of the most powerful and healing new moons of the year! I would say we have earned it, lol! Get ready for an awakening of raw purpose and to face your darkness like never before!
The New Moon in Scorpio is here to offer new levels of understanding around our pain and trauma. Scorpio rules the 8th house of: deep dark secrets, trauma but also healing and rebirth. No other sign can conjure up the most brutal and triggered aspects of our personality quite like the Scorpio. The lesson with this new moon is to not run and hide from such transformations but to face it head on and surrender to the experience. As I have said before in many articles, Scorpio is so strong and vital because these folks "die a few deaths" every single day. Their power and the gift with this new moon is after these "deaths" they come back stronger and ready to fly! No other sign can pick itself up after an apocalypse and come back more powerful and determined. 
The Super New Moon in Scorpio wants you to face every demon within and still hold grace and compassion for yourself. There is nothing more potent and healing than to face one's darkness with such reverence and acceptance. True healing comes from integration + surrender to both the light and the darkness. We are all facing many battles, especially right now, given what is happening in the world.
This New Moon in the deepest zodiac sign wants you to find your inner warrior goddess and rise up like the phoenix ascending from the ashes. This my loves isn't the end but merely another rebirth and beginning along your journey.  This New Moon wants to be a catalyst for your ultimate growth and transformation. She is here to offer you a new level of authenticity and retribution. 
The Super New Moon in Scorpio is making some lovely aspects to her other planetary buddies. The first is a gorgeous and supportive trine(120 degree) to Neptune, the planet of: the imagination, healing and the subconscious mind, who is in her home sign of Pisces. The New Moon in harmony with Neptune will add a dash of ancestral wisdom to our lives. Many active and profound dreams will occur over the next 2 weeks. Keep a dream journal because the subconscious mind will be quite active. A healing balm of loving flow will enter in with this aspect. 
The second supportive aspect to La Luna will be a positive sextile(60 degree) aspect between: Jupiter, the planet of: abundance, luck and expansion and Pluto, the planet of: death/rebirth, power and intensity, both in Capricorn. This is an especially powerful aspect as the New Moon's ruling planet happens to be Pluto. Jupiter/Pluto in Capricorn in a lovely dance with the New Moon in Scorpio will provide massive and life changing healing experiences. The raw power and magnetism will be met with the grounding and solid footing of the Capricorn's earth element. A true shedding of the skin is what this aspect is about and anything that isn't emotionally fulfilling and meaningful to our lives will be let go at this time. 
The Super New Moon in Scorpio is here to offer our ultimate healing balm. It will require us to look at the deepest parts of ourselves and others and tell the truth. It's power is in facing all of our sh** . We can recognize that we are on a journey of healing, not a destination. As powerful and potent as this New Moon is, the real victory comes from embracing our "messy and chaotic" selves with just as much tenderness and understanding as our " transformed and enlightened" selves. Give yourself the true power of surrender and acceptance. The Scorpio New Moon is here to: shed away the old to make room for your authentic being, face the darkness with compassion and love and to give you the power to rise up once more, and be at peace with both your light and darkness. 
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