Super New Moon in Libra- How Do You Find Peace in Crazy Times?, The Build Up of Pressure, Love is Vulnerable and Love is Limitless

Super New Moon in Libra- How Do You Find Peace in Crazy Times?, The Build Up of Pressure, Love is Vulnerable and Love is Limitless
On October 16th, we have a Super New Moon at 23 degrees of Libra. The days before a New Moon are tense and uneasy. This is due to the fact that there is no moonlight to guide our feelings. New Moons signify: starts, new beginnings and 
fresh perspectives. Libra, the 7th zodiac sign, is known for: balance, committed relationships, peace and equality. The fact that this is a Super moon, is even more significant. Super moons are closest to the Earth and herald massive new awakenings  and awareness of consciousness.
The Super New Moon in Libra is here to challenge and bring forth our ability to find peace in a world that is anything but tranquil. There is a softening of spirit with this New Moon's ruler being Venus, the planet of: love, affection and joy. We are being asked to find: our center, our point of equilibrium, our internal source of balance. This process can only first happen within. There is no external validation that will support this stance. It could feel rather raw and like we are climbing a mountain with no peak. It takes courage to see another's side and perspective. It takes guts to create peace of mind and resolution. This is not for the weak but rather is intended for the brave and most noble part of our soul. This Libra New Moon will ask that we step forward with this journey, whether or not we are able to see how this could be possible or even doable. 
As peace induced and equality focused as this New Moon in Libra is, there will be many challenging aspects to La Luna from her other planetary brothers and sisters. The first will be a 180 degree opposition from retrograde Mars, the planet of: war, aggression and willpower, who is currently in his home sign of Aries. Retrograde Mars in Aries opposing the New Moon in Libra, will conjure up feelings of: "me vs. we, my own vs. your own, the individual vs. the couple." There will be a push and pull tug between honoring our fighting spirit of individualism and our need to create harmony within relationships. 
The second challenging aspect(a square or 90 degree aspect) will be from Pluto, the planet of: transformation, death/rebirth and power, currently in the sign of Capricorn. Pluto in Capricorn squaring the New Moon in Libra, will have us confront power struggles and dynamics within our relationships. Someone will want the upper hand. Unfortunately, power isn't obtained from who holds the "upper hand." It is produced in its most authentic state from who can be most vulnerable, while also retaining healthy boundaries and sense of purpose. 
Finally, the third challenge to the New Moon, will come from Saturn, the planet of: structures, karma and obligations, currently in his home sign of Capricorn. Saturn in Capricorn squaring the New Moon in Libra, will add a sense of coldness and isolation to our feelings. There is a seriousness here and a real sense of loneliness. We will be asked to get real and to be mature within the expression of our deepest emotions.
 All of these challenging aspects to the Super New Moon in Libra will have it feel anything but joyous and tranquil. We will have to be willing to create a sense of unity within and with others, only after facing our darker sides. This will require patience and unconditional love, so tread carefully.
The Super New Moon in Libra is here to bring forth our ability to find harmony and beauty within such tense times. To create balance and peace requires our acknowledgement of what isn't peaceful or what isn't equal. This first begins within our own selves. You can't create this with another until you first create it within your own being. This Super New Moon in Libra is asking for you to be careful rushing to one side or another or for making decisive conclusions without weighing up all the factors. To find a middle ground takes something beyond what or who is right or wrong. This delicate ability to compromise is what peace is all about. Honoring the dark and light, the shitty and the miraculous, the sadness and joy. The Super New Moon in Libra wants you to find that sacred middle ground. She is here to: challenge your ideas and beliefs on equality, find the center point between both sides and have you honor your sense of power and passion from a place of compromise and resolution.  
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