Super Full Moon in Aquarius- The Rise of Ultimate Independence, Accepting the Flow of Unpredictability, To Thy Own Self Be True

Super Full Moon in Aquarius- The Rise of Ultimate Independence, Accepting the Flow of Unpredictability, To Thy Own Self Be True


On August 11th, we have the unpredictable and eccentric Super Full Moon at 19 degrees of Aquarius. In the days leading up to a full moon, we can feel charged with emotions + heightened perception. Full moons themselves signify endings, conclusions and manifestations. Aquarius the 11th zodiac sign deals with anything genius, unusual, unpredictable, intellectual and out of the norm. 
The Super Full Moon in Aquarius is here to bring forth a reclaim of our sovereignty + independence. There is a rebellious vibe with La Luna being full in the sign of the water bearer. While full moons are usually highly emotional, this lunation will bring forth feelings of detachment and eccentric tendencies. No other sign likes to shock and delight like an Aquarian. Many folks' emotions could be all over the place and many will resort to overthinking in replace of relying solely on their emotional compass. 
This Full Moon will ask us to step into a space of anything and everything being possible with an air of mystery and intrigue. Completing projects that call us forth on to our highest path + that honor our deepest wishes and dreams is another beautiful manifestation of this unpredictable lunation. Letting your freak flag fly is Aquarius energy all the way. A level of personal acceptance and global unity is another big theme. This Full moon wants us to recognize and make peace with the theme of individualism within the collective and at the same time the collective consciousness within the individual. It is contradictory and yet it makes perfect sense within the Aquarius construct. 
The Super Full Moon in Aquarius will be making a couple interesting and complex aspects to her fellow planetary friends. The first will be a conjunction with her original ruling planet Saturn, the hard ass grandpa planet of order, structure and hard work who is currently retrograde in the sign of the water bearer. The Super Full moon in conjunction with retrograde Saturn will add some harsh yet grounding vibes to our thoughts and feelings. Some folks could get big and rather karmic wake up calls around how they have been giving their power away to others. This is the time to recognize + honor our personal boundaries within relationships and within our own selves. Somber yet profound realizations of personal + global accountability will be brought forth to be examined now. The only way out is through is a perfect motto for Saturn's dance with the potent Super Full Moon. You can run and hide but sooner or later you must wake up to the reality of life. This is Saturn's wise message and we will be asked to listen so as to not repeat past patterns. The second will be a tense 90 degree square to Aquarius's modern day ruling planet Uranus, the feisty and unpredictable planet of shocks, surprises and enlightenment, who is currently in the sign of Taurus. The Super Full moon in a square with Uranus will add some unbelievable and heightened energy to our nervous system. Our emotions could be detached on one hand and then suddenly jolted with little to no warning. Surprises and sudden revelations will be common. Many folks could all of a sudden decide to leave a relationship, contract or partnership that isn't honoring their sense of freedom and individuality. Stubborn and inconsistent vibes that bring forth radical change will be a manifestation of this aspect.
For those folks with their Sun, Moon or Ascendant on or close to (3 degrees +/-) of 19 degrees of Aquarius, this Super Full moon will be most impactful and deeply felt. Expect the unexpected in regards to your sense of personal freedom and peace of mind. Big shifts could happen all of a sudden and with little to no warning. The second group that will be most impacted by this Super Full Moon will be folks with their Sun, Moon or Ascendant on or close to (3 degrees +/-) of 19 degrees of the other fixed signs: Taurus, Leo or Scorpio. Again, major wake up calls that shock and jolt your core could be felt now. For everyone else, check where 19 degrees of Aquarius falls in your natal chart to see what shocks and surprises will make themselves known and felt. I will be doing an extended sign prediction for this powerful Super full moon on my Patreon page ( please see link below). 
The Super Full Moon in Aquarius is here to shock and rock our consciousness into a new stratosphere of wisdom and freedom. This lunation wants us to be super vigilant and sincere within our ability to speak up for ourselves and at the same time aware of our impact on others. The ability to recognize our own individual path while also respecting others viewpoints, even if we don't agree with it, is super important at the moment. The Super Full Moon wants us to get to a level of peace within our own journey and with one another. Aquarius for all of its rebellious and eccentric tendencies is the sign of universal love and understanding. Us Aquarians are here to beam a light of unconditional love for humanity while also recognizing the sacredness of honoring the individual within such humanity. 
The Super Full moon in Aquarius is here to allow a wake up call to occur on a profound and deep level of our perceptions + ability to understand ourselves and one another. She is here to bring forth a new level of freedom and personal responsibility, create a world that honors the rights of everyone and a wave of peaceful resolution + unconditional love. 


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