Sun in Sagittarius- Eclipse Truth Bombs Ignite, Embracing the Wisdom to Follow Your Heart, The Calling of Freedom + Authenticity

Sun in Sagittarius- Eclipse Truth Bombs Ignite, Embracing the Wisdom to Follow Your Heart, The Calling of Freedom + Authenticity
On November 21st/22nd, the Sun, which represents our ego, vitality and life force shifts from the deep waters of Scorpio over to the fiery trailblazer of Sagittarius. Sagittarius, the 9th zodiac sign deals with truth, wisdom, travel, expansion and luck.
Considering that we are still in the fated and life changing energies of eclipse season, this is sure to be an eventful Saggie season! In fact, the next 2 weeks in particular will throw some cray energy our way so prepare as best as possible. When we are between eclipses, the cosmic realms can throw us mystical and magical experiences. At the same time, these energies can be quite intense as we literally are purging past traumas and healing deep ancestral wounding. Being gentle with yourself and one another is key.
The Sun in Sagittarius wants to light a fire under your a** and to inspire you to stand up for the truth and nothing but the TRUTH! There will be some major revelations and realizations that could rock the foundations of many folks. Some of these could involve no longer tolerating less than you deserve from a relationship, job or societal structure. Whatever comes up it is sure to create some fireworks and a renewal of owning one's sovereignty and freedom. You can't tame a wild beast with a heart that longs for truth and authenticity. This is the essence of this powerful Sagittarius season. 
For folks born on or close to the next Solar eclipse in Sagittarius ( December 3rd) or who have their Ascendant, Moon or any important angles( IC-4th house cusp, DC-7th house cusp or MC- 10th house cusp) close to 12 degrees of Sagittarius, expect even greater changes and shifts. As mentioned, eclipses are "course correctors''. We often don't see these changes on the horizon but the universe is wise and it often propels us towards our ultimate life mission + destiny. My advice( spoken like a true Sag ascendant, wink wink) is to not resist but to surrender and allow these changes + shifts. When we allow and surrender, this is when the magic and miraculous energy of eclipses can really manifest some unbelievable and amazing occurrences. 
For this Sagittarius season, I have written a special poem as we enter into this new sign. This is a tradition that I began with the Sun's entry into Aries and one that I have continued for each sign. I hope you enjoy it! Happy birthday to all my daring and courageous Sagittarius folks!
Sagittarius Season Poem
May the call of your inner wisdom shine brighter than the whisper of your doubts
In a world that longs to bring you down with its pessimism, may your heart remind you of the truth of love and kindness
May you hear the call of your authenticity and always answer it ... no matter how scared you are
We all are fearful; it's not the fear that is the issue; it's the unwillingness to be honest that it's normal to exist
For the Sun's entry into Sagittarius, let us embrace our strength to agree to disagree with grace and tact
This is a sign of wisdom and courage
We won't always agree but may this season encourage us to relate with one another from the heart and to let go of the ego of the mind
May you find peace
May you feel safe
May you honor with gratitude that you are alive
You are a walking miracle 
You are love and loved

© Astromomma, 2021 

Image: Spookygirlart, Andrea Nancy


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