Sun in Leo- Honoring The Divine Masculine, Recognition of Your Internal Light of Love, You Are Courageous + You Are Fierce

Sun in Leo- Honoring The Divine Masculine, Recognition of Your Internal Light of Love, You Are Courageous + You Are Fierce


On July 22nd, the Sun, which represents our vitality, life force and ego, leaves the watery sign of Cancer and returns to his home sign within the fiery sign of Leo.  After an emotional and sensitive period of going within, the Sun's entry into Leo encourages us to tap into our inner flames of desire and passion. A rush of brilliance and majestic healing is here for all. When a planet or celestial body returns to its home sign, it becomes super powerful and fruitful. Possibilities and magic is sure to ensue. Leo, the 5th zodiac sign, is known to be warm, generous, bold, loving, a leader and comfortable with being fully self expressed and recognized.

The Sun in Leo is here to shine a light of hope, fun and adventure for all of us. Since Leo rules the heart, an activation within our 4th chakra comes to greet us, perhaps after a time of darkness and confusion. There is no light greater and more powerful than that of the sun. A surge of creativity and artistic expression is what the next 30 days is all about. This is a great time to begin a creative project that lights you up and that reconnects you to your inner child. Laughter, fun and whimsical desires don't die just because you are fully grown. It is time to return to your innocence and ability to be in awe with life. 

The Sun in the lion's den wants us to boldly express your desires with conviction and passion. Leo as a sign is often described as quite "full of themselves" and rather prideful at times. While those attributes can certainly be present( as they can with any sign) if you observe a lion/lioness in the wild, you will see quite a different story. Their ability to remain silent and observe is very remarkable and actually hypnotizing to witness. This is a secret trait that many astrologers don't often mention about the sign. Leo's have an amazing ability to study and to sit back and carefully calculate their next move with much discipline and patience. This is what makes them so powerful. Their ability to remain present and aware is often their most undervalued trait. At the same time, when the iron is hot they also know when to STRIKE. This fine balance of observation along with seizing the opportunity of the hunt is the lesson of the Sun's entry into Leo.  

For this Leo season, I have written a poem below to honor the Sun's entry into its home sign. This is a tradition that I began with the Sun entering Aries. I will continue for each sign throughout the zodiac. I hope you enjoy it. Happy birthday to all my amazing and loving Leos out there!

Leo Season Poem

May you recognize your heart even in the most trying of circumstances

When you feel down and out, may the sunshine of your soul bring you back home to your own brilliance and peace

In a world that encourages division, may you find the courage to stand in love of the self and love of one another

Your heart whispers a divine message of unlimited possibilities and miracles, listen closely and observe its guidance

May you never give up on your inner child's desire to be FREE 

There is an endless summer of hope, possibility and miracles that are your birthright 

Those can never be taken away...even within this humbling human experience

May you recognize the only power in this universe is LOVE

LOVE of thyself

LOVE of thy fellow being

LOVE of thy earth

LOVE of divine's presence

With LOVE 






You are a miracle

You are worthy

You are LOVE incarnated  


© Astromomma, 2021 

Image: Tran Nguyen

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