Sun in Gemini- The Most Lit Twin Season Ever, To Think It Is to Become It, Here, There, Wherever

Sun in Gemini- The Most Lit Twin Season Ever, To Think It Is to Become It, Here, There, Wherever
On May 20th, the Sun, which represents our life force, ego and inner desires, moves from the earthy sign of Taurus into the airy sign of Gemini. Gemini, the 3rd zodiac sign is known to be super curious, intellectual, communicative, playful, flirtatious and child like. 
The Sun in Gemini is ready to get the party started! We have now officially moved into eclipse season and things are about to get a little wild and crazy. Eclipse time( which usually begins up to 4 weeks prior to the actual event) is when life throws us curve balls and surprises. Just when you thought something was settled or predictable.. think again. You never know what eclipses will bring and this is a part of their magic and mystery. 
Gemini, as a sign was made for eclipse season considering as a sign it's aptitude for variety and shifting vibrations. If life looked like anything else, the twin would become boring and complacent. Two words of "death" to any Gemini. Get ready for dexterous mind games and madness to ensue! No other sign enjoys the delights of the mind and all its glory quite like the mutable and malleable Gemini. Being a fellow air sign myself(hail to the Aquas) I have noticed that no other sign I have met( I attract Geminis like a moth to a flame) like the mental variety and intellectual wonder as that of a Gemini. This is a great time to write that book, publish that blog or communicate a long held desire. All forms of communication are favored and a light, breezy wind of unlimited play is now in store. 
Gemini to me always represents the "child" of the natural zodiac. When life becomes too serious or bogged down with commitments, the Sun in Gemini wants to remind you of your innocence and sense of freedom. Remember what it felt like right before school was getting out for summer? Remember the sheer joy of discovering your crush liking you back and the yumminess of ice cream sundaes and drive in movies? This season wants you to get in touch with the lightness and play of life's pleasures. It is time to relish in the mind's curiosity and to rediscover your inner child's desire for fun and adventure. 
The Sun in Gemini is here to usher in a cosmic fairy dust of mental utopia and countless twists and turns. Expecting the unexpected, especially within this upcoming eclipse season is what the sign of the Twins is here to bring. Divine is requesting you to lighten your load but at the same time to discover something new and creative within your being. This lightness is requested from spirit. After a year of anything but that, this season of the Sun in Gemini wants you to come back home to heart and to adopt a new level of play and presence. Being in the moment is truly sacred and that is another beautiful attribute of this season. The Sun in Gemini wants you to remember the sheer delight of your human existence. It is ok if you want to ponder this for the next 30 days or so. In fact, it would be rather un Gemini like if you didn't lol. The Sun within the Twin's den is here to bring: conversations that stimulate all the 5 senses, a return to playful and flirtatious energies and the recognition of the power of the mind to create everything and anything. 
In honor of the Sun's entry into Gemini, I have of course created a poem for the season ahead. Since I began this practice with the Sun in Aries, I will be creating one for each zodiac sign for the rest of the year. I hope you enjoy it my loves. Happy birthday to my lovely Gemini souls!
Poem for Gemini Season
May you remember the joy of discovery and play
In a world that wants to make you hard and bitter, may you shock those with your lightness and ability to forgive
The world was made for you to dream bigger and to shine your mental brilliance forth
May you never lose the soothing sounds of deep belly laugher and conversations that last till 3 am
It is ok to ask a million questions.. in fact.. there are a million more, truth be told
May this season of the Sun in Gemini warm your heart and remind you of your ability to begin again.. wiser, lighter and more dexterous
Smell the sweet flowers, dance on the grass barefoot and reconnect to your inner child's need for adventure and random exploration
May this season awaken and inspire you to show up 
Sometimes this means just showing up for what is next and that is perfectly ok
Oh darling Sun in Gemini, we honor you by honoring our inner spark of light and radiance
May this season bring you the best surprise of your life
You are loved and you are safe
You are a miraculous and you are free

© Astromomma, 2021

Image:  Yin and Yang by Kelogsloops via DeviantArt

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