Sun in Gemini- Childlike Wonder Returns, Time to Speak Up, Adaptability of the Spirit

Sun in Gemini- Childlike Wonder Returns, Time to Speak Up, Adaptability of the Spirit


On May 20th, the Sun which represents our ego, life force and vitality shifts from the earthy sign of Taurus into the airy sign of Gemini. After an intense eclipse period, we are craving some reprieve and lightness. Gemini, the 3rd zodiac sign deals with intellectual curiosity, flexibility, sociability, communication and analytical mastery. 

The Sun in Gemini is here to bring in a fresh energy of fun and enjoyment. After the last month we had in the cosmos, I would say we are more than ready! We are being asked to take the grounding principles of Taurus and to expand them with intellectual wonder and awe. Even though a lot of folks consider Leo to be the ruler of children( it does rule the 5th house of creation) Gemini to me personifies the essence of such childlike innocence and newness. It is time to get out in the world and to flirt, socialize and learn new things. If you have wanted to begin a project that requires a lot of in depth research or knowledge, this is the time to make it happen. However, I would suggest waiting till the New Moon in Gemini( happens at the end of May) or even better until Mercury goes direct in its home sign of Gemini( June 3rd). 

For those who have Gemini prominent in their natal charts ( Sun, Moon, Ascendant or IC-4th house, DC-7th house, MC-10th house) this is a time to come back home to the exciting and unpredictable energy of the air element. The air element allows us to be somewhat detached and to be an observer. There is a sense of adventure and freedom now available that the Sun in Gemini wants to bring forth. For everyone else, check where Gemini falls in your natal chart to see where you will be asked to bring intellectual charm, wisdom and the eagerness to learn new skills into your life. You might also notice that your mind is super active and chattiness might become more of the norm. Being grounded might prove difficult now, as our mind + spirit will be here, there, everywhere. 

The Sun in Gemini is here to bring in a fresh air of perspective mixed with wonder and awe. It is time to return to our inner child's need for spontaneity and being in the moment with life. This is an excellent time to explore a new passion or to create a brainiac invention. If you have felt stuck or in a rut, this energy wants you to break free of the monotony of everyday life and to go beyond your comfort zone. It is time to break free of anyone or anything that represses your desire to explore, feel free and creative. The Sun in Gemini is here to offer the blessing of intellectual joy, have us tap into our inner child's desires and to create a space of play mixed with productivity. 


For the Sun's entry into Gemini, I have created a special poem for this next season. You all seem to enjoy my poetry. Thank you so much for your kind words and support! Happy birthday to all of my  gorgeous Gemini friends out there! 


The Sun in Gemini

May you step forth toward the lightness of your being

You are made of stars

The most brilliant form of matter + creation

May you always remember to try again

There is always room for growth + expansion

no matter how long you have felt down + hopeless

May this season remind you that there is still 

beauty, wonder and awe left in this world gone mad

It is time to take the lessons of sorrow and hardship

and transmute them into inner wisdom and freedom

You are here to create inner mastery that fulfills your soul

The recognition of your own brilliance 

creates a ripple effect for others to own theirs

You are free

You are a masterpiece  

You are sacred

You are safe

You are a walking miracle of abundance + love

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Image: @0073.uv


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