Sun Conjunct Neptune in Pisces- Is It an Illusion or An Awakening? Spiritual Brilliance, Your Ancestors Are Listening

Sun Conjunct Neptune in Pisces- Is It an Illusion or An Awakening? Spiritual Brilliance, Your Ancestors Are Listening


On March 10th, the Sun, which represents vitality, illumination and our life force comes to greet and conjunct Neptune, the planet of the subconscious mind, spirituality and sensitivity, in the deep and mysterious sign of Pisces. This is an annual meet up that has been occurring since 2012. Last year their meetup happened on March 8th. You might want to look back to what was happening this time last year to get clues about what could occur this year.

The Sun conjunct Neptune in Pisces can create a beautiful spiritual awakening or a symphony of confusion and illusion. Pisces in my opinion is one of the most misunderstood and hard to read signs of the zodiac. On one hand, Pisces energy is about subconscious healing and connection to a higher source of unconditional love. On the other hand, Pisces energy is also about going with the flow and sometimes losing sight of the shore. It is this dichotomy that makes this sign (as well as every other sign) so multi-faceted and interesting. 

With this aspect of the Sun conjunct Neptune a new level of consciousness will be highlighted around our ability to tap into these overly sensitive parts of our nature. Since the Sun represents more of the masculine influence, a part of our inner masculinity is being urged to heal and be recognized. The confusion and illusion could come about around how to create a more nurturing and understanding stance around such masculine principles. This is a foreign concept, at least here in our 3D existence. 

The Sun conjunct Neptune in Pisces wants us to create a space for the deeper layers of our emotions to be recognized within the paradigm of protecting and providing (the traditional masculine attributes). You can see just by what I am writing how complex and perhaps overwhelming this concept can be. We have lived for the most part in a society where the essence of "nurturing" and "being gentle" were anything but masculine. That is where a revolution of consciousness being led by the divine is here to dispel this myth. They can in fact co-exist and to be honest this is what the world so desperately is craving.

The Sun conjunct Neptune in Pisces is here to create a revolution and evolution of compassion for ourselves and one another. While there can be moments of confusion and feelings of being quite "spaced out", there is a deeper meaning to this aspect that is calling for divine healing and understanding. This aspect is asking that we hold a sacred pact around our ability to go with the flow and be gentle while also staying strong around our ability to produce and to protect. They are not mutually exclusive. There can be a balance and a beautiful alliance with spirit to honor both sides. The Sun conjunct Neptune in Pisces is here to illuminate our distorted masculinity, in order to heal, shine light on our connection to source and to allow our imagination as well as our strength + courage to produce miracles + magic. 

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