Summer/Winter Solstice, Sun in Cancer- Vulnerability is Sexy, Your Emotions Hold Magic, Re-Mothering Yourself

Summer/Winter Solstice, Sun in Cancer- Vulnerability is Sexy, Your Emotions Hold Magic, Re-Mothering Yourself


On June 21st, we have a special and magical day in the cosmos. First, we have the Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere and Winter Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere. Solstice days according to ancient astrology are activators of our power, purpose and connection to the other realms. They bring forth miracles, wonder and intrigue.

On the same day, the Sun, which represents our ego, life force and vitality shifts from the airy realm of Gemini over to the watery realm of Cancer. We are now ready to take the mental brilliance of the former season and tap into a new level of emotional intelligence and awareness. Instead of our brain being on overdrive, we are now ready to express our deepest feelings. Cancer, the 4th zodiac sign deals with home, family, our roots, nurturing, mothering and comfort. 

The Summer/Winter Solstice and Sun in Cancer is here to bring forth new levels of intuitive guidance + a soft gentle energy of vulnerability. While there is an inner drive to get moving and grooving( Cancer is a cardinal sign of movement and leadership) there is also a calming and nurturing energy that wants our attention as well. It is time to bathe yourself in unconditional love and acceptance. Just like a mother holding their young child, the universe wants to remind you of your divinity and purity. When you want to criticize or look down upon yourself, spirit is asking that you see yourself as a young boy/girl again. Inner childhood wounds that have been repressed could resurface to be comforted and healed. 

Many folks will be more concentrated on their home, family and emotional reactions. We will be asked to stand in a place of compassion, grace and tenderness around any deeper feelings that come up now. In a world that doesn't hold much space for emotions, the lesson of this next season is around providing ourselves and others a safe space of expression. It is a sacred act of love to hold a space of safety and non judgement for yourself and other people. 

For the powerful Summer/Winter Solstice + Sun in Cancer, I have decided to write another poem to greet this new season. Again, thank you for your love and kind words in regards to my poetry. I have enjoyed creating these articles. To my caring and compassionate Cancers, Happy Birthday!! 


Summer/Winter Solstice, Sun in Cancer Poem

May your inner child come forth to be held and loved 

We all have to re-parent ourselves in one way or another

May we forgive and hold space for our mothers and fathers

Who did their best + who held the traumas of their own mothers + fathers

May we remind ourselves that compassion and love are the strongest 

and most powerful vibrations on Earth

In a world that dismisses feelings, may you allow your own to flow forth with beauty and awareness

It is a gift to be vulnerable and open

May you never forget that you hold the power to give yourself and others the space of emotional freedom and recognition

You are safe 

You are loved

You are nurtured 

You matter

You are a walking miracle of infinite light + magic 


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