Snow Full Moon in Virgo- Out of the Box Healing Begins, Connecting to the Love of Momma Gaia, The Gift of Divine Service from the Heart

Snow Full Moon in Virgo- Out of the Box Healing Begins, Connecting to the Love of Momma Gaia, The Gift of Divine Service from the Heart


On February 27/28th, we have the glorious and healing Snow Full Moon at 8 degrees of Virgo. The days leading up to the moon being full are ripe with emotions and intention. Full Moons themselves represent culminations, endings and manifestations. Virgo, the 6th sign of the zodiac, is known to be critical, intellectual, health awareness and service oriented. 


The Full Moon in Virgo is here to ground and heal your mind, body and soul. A serene and orderly vibe ensues with La Luna in the virgin's den. We will be asked to come back down and embrace the sweet ecstasy of the earth's power to soothe our active minds and weary hearts. 


The Virgo Full Moon wants you to organize and pay attention to your health and wellbeing. This is a great lunar cycle to clear away the cobwebs of mess within or externally from your life. Virgo often gets a bad rap for being super critical and nitpicky. While the sign of Virgo certainly craves stability and organization, this stance is taken from a place of creating workability and simplicity. When you clear out a space, whether it be in your home or within your mind, you allow for a fresh slate of possibilities to open. This is Virgo's magic. A breath of fresh air and grounded stability is what this Full Moon wants to give to us. 


In a time where we feel unsure or unsettled, the Virgo Full Moon wants us to get back to the basics and to enjoy the menial tasks of life. This is a great time to find the joy in taking care of ourselves and our environment.  


An earthy awareness and a sense of being connected to Mother Gaia is what this full moon will bring forth. Where can you slow down and appreciate your blessings? What in your life needs a cleaning, either from a physical sense or an emotional sense? What tasks can you devote yourself to with gratitude and awareness? These questions will be important during this next lunar phase. Service to oneself and each other is a big theme with the Virgo full moon. Letting yourself be anchored and finding the bliss in the mundane is the gift of this full moon.


The Virgo Full Moon makes a beautiful and harmonious 120-degree trine to Uranus, the planet of: shocks, inventions and independence, who is currently in Taurus. Uranus in Taurus in trine to the Full Moon in Virgo will create a sense of freedom and liberation from our repressed emotional states. A grounded yet independent vibe is what this aspect heralds forth. New discoveries and new terrains of emotional freedom are now possible and an out of the box approach to healing is possible. This is a great time to explore medicinal herbs/plants, or other healing modalities that spark our curiosity and sense of invention.   

The Virgo Full Moon is here to usher in a sense of earthy pleasure and peace. 

In a time where most folks feel anything BUT grounded and at peace, this full moon wants you to come back down to earth and to find the service to yourself and one another. Simplicity and connection to spirit is what this full moon brings forth. A critical but solid stance is what we will crave at this full moon. The Full Moon in Virgo is here to stabilize your energies to focus on the present moment, allow your inventive and creative sides to shine forth and to ground yourself back down to the beauty of earth + her magic.

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