Partial Solar Eclipse in Taurus- Are We Living In Alignment with our Deepest Values?, Rocked + Shocked, The Beginning of Self Love... Recreated + Redefined

Partial Solar Eclipse in Taurus- Are We Living In Alignment with our Deepest Values?, Rocked + Shocked, The Beginning of Self Love... Recreated + Redefined


On April 30th/May 1st, we have the Partial Solar Eclipse at 10 degrees of Taurus. Solar Eclipses are new moons on steroids! They bring in 10x the magnitude of New Moon energy in the form of new beginnings, fresh starts and the slate being wiped clean. Eclipses themselves bring in change, transformation and at times a crisis. This isn't meant to scare us. Eclipses are course correctors in many ways. Human beings left to their own devices often prefer comfort and routine and this is where Eclipse's bring in their special energy of massive shifts and wake up calls. Taurus, the 2nd zodiac sign, deals with money, resources, security, practicality, sensuality and self worth. Eclipse energy is most potent 4 weeks before the first set of eclipses( they always happen in pairs, Solar/Lunar or vice versa) and then 4 weeks post the last eclipse. For this set of eclipses, the dates between April 1- June 15th is where a lot of the energy of the eclipses will be most profound and noticed. 

The Partial Solar Eclipse in Taurus is here to usher in new beginnings connected to our internal and outer resources. There is a focus with this Eclipse around altering our perception of what and who we hold valuable and what or who brings us security and safety. This first of course begins with the self. Many folks will discover at this Eclipse where they have played small or not have honored their own needs and instead have placated to the demands of others or society in general. There will be a big wake up call for us to get very real about what true security and stability means to us. Some folks could discover ingenious new ways to cultivate their inner self love that results in outer tangible manifestations to be possible. On the flip side, some folks could have a financial crisis of a sort that wakes them up to how they have not been honoring themselves around financial responsibility. With Eclipse energy, you often can't expect what will take place. The best way to embrace this energy is through surrender and allowance. If something or someone leaves your life, as what often happens during an Eclipse cycle, don't resist it. This "exit energy" will be making room for new prosperity to emerge. Since this is a New Moon, even the most unexpected occurrences will make room for new beginnings, even if we didn't plan to experience them. The universe is wise. This eclipse is asking that we have trust in the natural laws of nature. When one thing leaves, it asks us to hold space and grace for other more abundant energy to come in. 

The Partial Solar Eclipse in Taurus will bring in even more unexpected occurrences due to the fact that it will be conjunct Uranus, the planet of change, sudden revolutions and surprises, who is also currently in the sign of Taurus. The Solar Eclipse in Taurus conjunct Uranus will stir up the pot on events in our lives. Some kind of massive and unavoidable freedom will take place connected to our resources and security. On a collective level, this could be extremes with the money markets, extreme weather patterns( in particular earthquakes, tsunamis) and heightened awareness of our security. Uranus always throws in curve balls so again, quite like the eclipse energy itself, anything and everything goes here. Some folks could finally break free of financial restrictions that have been holding them down, while others could suddenly be dealing with a financial crisis. Since Taurus also rules food and agriculture, there could also be continued mishaps or snafus in the production and distribution of these on a global level. 

The last time we had a Partial Solar Eclipse in Taurus was April 29th, 2014. You might want to look back to that time to recall what was transpiring, as this could give clues to what this upcoming Partial Solar Eclipse will bring into your life. It is also important to check where 10 degrees of Taurus falls in your natal chart. For folks who have their Sun, Moon, Ascendant or IC-4th house cusp, DC- 7th house cusp or MC-10th house cusp close to 10 degrees of Taurus will feel this Eclipse energy most strongly. Also check where you have planets/points between 5-15 degrees of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio + Aquarius as these will be activated as well. I will be doing extended sign horoscopes on my Patreon page( link below) which will give you tips to navigate this intense eclipse energy. 

The Partial Solar Eclipse in Taurus is here to bring in change, revolution and shifts connected to our security, values and what or who we hold near and dear to our heart. The time has come for us to honor the sacred space within that brings us peace of mind, trust and safety. This doesn't have to involve an external person or resource. This involves a wake up around our own journey to creating inner fulfillment and safety. No one person or thing can make you feel truly safe and secure. There is a recognition with this Eclipse to come back down to earth and to ground our weary hearts and souls. It has been a very wild last couple of years and this Solar Eclipse in Taurus wants us to become reconnected to the strength of our inner core and the beauty of our Earth. While there is nothing wrong with enjoying material and external resources, these aren't permanent or consistent. As my grandmother used to say, " You can't bring money with you when you die".

This Solar Eclipse wants us to realize the richness and abundance of self acceptance, love and recognition. When you can truly love who you are + who you are not, this is when outer abundance + prosperity comes rushing in. Even in the midst of such change and unpredictability of life, this eclipse wants us to ground ourselves in our inner truth, beauty and tenacity. She is here to bring in change and revolution connected to our values and security, wake up calls around what or who brings us fulfillment and an inner knowing that despite the changes and unexpected events of life.. we can always come back to the Earth's wisdom of peace, protection and safety.   

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