November 2020- Another Wild Asf Month, Take Things As They Come...Not As You Fear, Trust the Twists + Turns That Will Lead to Your Ultimate Enlightenment

November 2020- Another Wild Asf Month, Take Things As They Come...Not As You Fear,  Trust the Twists + Turns That Will Lead to Your Ultimate Enlightenment

Welcome to November 2020! We have now entered the 11th year of 2020. I mean the 11th month, lol! Pat yourself on the back. Give yourself the grace you so deserve. This year of 2020 has been nothing short of extraordinary. November 2020 proves to be another life changing month. You are up for it! You are strong enough. You are in the home stretch my loves. Keep your head held high and rise. It. is. time. to. shine. Own it and let your soul be seen and heard. 
We begin this active "as you know what" month, with Mercury, the planet of the mind, contracts and communication, turning direct at 25 degrees of Libra on November 3rd. Of course this is election day here in the US. Oh how the stars continue to humor us! For the last 3 weeks while Mercury was in retrograde motion, our plans and projects could have been delayed or halted all together. Miscommunication was rampant and skeletons from the past could have returned. Deep soul diving was required and if we didn't have enough to already deal with, we were asked to find our 5th wind and a sense of extraordinary strength +  adaptability. With Mercury now direct in the peaceful, loving sign of Libra, communication will get sorted and we can move forward again with plans. Since Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of: love, pleasure and joy, our words will have the power to heal and comfort again. Major relationship breakthroughs can begin to happen and peaceful and loving thoughts and intentions return. Declaring peace on situations from the past is possible and the willpower to bring justice to a situation or circumstance in our lives takes center stage. 
The middle of the month is anything but quiet. In fact it is quite mind boggling. We begin on November 12th with the conjunction of Jupiter, the planet of: abundance, expansion and wisdom meeting up with Pluto, the planet of: transformation, power and intensity, both at 22 degrees of Capricorn. This is the final meetup of these planetary giants in 2020 as they first met on April 4th and then on June 30th. Jupiter and Pluto conjunct in Capricorn is here to bring one final push to our transformation process and this could be in a big, life changing way. Of course Capricorn, rules: control, order and restrictions. So this could bring further lockdowns around the pandemic. A part of our sense of control and order has been completely dismantled. On the other hand, we never knew how strong we could be or how capable our reserves of strength truly were. This aspect is called the "millionaire's placement" for a reason. Major and destined financial fortunes could be formed at this time. Wherever 22 degrees of Capricorn falls in your natal chart is where you will witness a huge surge of power and intense rectification. 
The very next day on November 13th, Mars, the planet of: action, aggression and willpower, turns direct at 15 degrees of Aries. For the past 6 weeks, Mars has been slowing us waaayyy down in attempts to harness some of our inner fire and to redirect and re-strategize our plans and ambitions. Now with Mars in his home sign of Aries, all systems are a go! That inner fire we cultivated during his retrograde phase will become more external and we will want to move and groove again on our ambitions and plans. It will take Mars a little bit of time to get fully up to speed but the planet of passion and drive wants us to go after our heart's desires with all we got! No more sitting on the sidelines. Mars direct in Aries is a powerhouse of celestial magic! Time to step up and proclaim our sense of independence and also our sense of destiny. We will feel the passion return and it will be met with lots of forward movement and quick resolutions. 
On November 14th, we have the glorious New Moon at 23 degrees of Scorpio. New moons herald: fresh perspectives, new starts and a fresh slate. Scorpio, the 8th zodiac sign, is all about: intensity, shared resources, power, transformation and regeneration. The New Moon in Scorpio will bring a renewed sense of our power as well as our vulnerability. Being that Scorpio is a deep, water sign, our emotions could rise to the surface to surprise us. A letting go of the ego is what this new moon is all about and a renewed sense of conviction. Old hurts and past trauma could be looked at with a set of fresh eyes at this new moon. This is also a great new moon to begin working with others on a business project or idea that could herald lots of power and prestige. We will have to face parts of ourselves that we thought were still hidden away. The beauty with the New Moon in Scorpio will be our ability to face these aspects with compassion and wipe the slate clean. No more going back. We will regenerate and allow. The Scorpio New Moon will be about honoring our power from a stance of unconditional love and forgiveness. 
The Sun, which rules our: life force, identity and purpose enters the sign of Sagittarius on November 22nd. Sagittarius, the 9th zodiac sign, deals with: truth, wisdom, expansion, travel and freedom. We will go from the dark, deep waters of Scorpio, over to the inspirational, joyful fiery vibes of Sagittarius. A sense of wisdom prevails and we are ready to roam again and explore. If we can't leave our houses or states, there will still be a need to explore mentally and an awareness of the bigger picture will take center stage. 
Finally on November 30th, we have the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse at 8 degrees of Gemini. Lunar Eclipses are full moons on steroids and herald massive: endings, completions and finalizations. Gemini, the 3rd zodiac sign, is known to be all about: communication, adaptability, and learning. The Lunar Eclipse in Gemini will end a cycle of communication that has been on repeat for quite some time. This Full Moon could literally bring in an important message or complete a: project, relationship or situation in our lives. Whatever happens we will hear about it. Full moons are always highly emotional and lunar eclipses are 10x more powerful. Expect the unexpected with this Gemini Lunar eclipse. A major awakening around how we communicate and how others communicate to us will be realized with this lunar event. Wake up calls that shock us could be in store so be on alert. 
November 2020 is one of the most unique and strangest months of 2020. That might be the understatement of the century, but there is so much change happening this month that it is a little hard to grasp. This is another reason that we must continue to find our center and remain calm. Not an easy task by any means, but still so necessary. We are all beyond stressed out and even if we are not, we have many people in our lives that are. The key to this month is to remain adaptable but to also acknowledge how far you have come. I say this every month, a little differently but I will stand by these words. There is no one that can mess with you if you don't allow them to do so. You have come so far and you will look back at this crazy year in the future with a chuckle and disbelief on how you handled it. Trust me, this day will come. You are a shining light in a world that is set up for you to remain dim. Never give this power away. Take it one step at time, especially within the changing dynamics of this active month.
November 2020 is here to: move communication + plans forward, awaken your sense of power + transformation and have you realize how resilient and adaptable you truly have become, despite the craziness of the world. 
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I know it's not an easy time for many folks. My intention is to always provide the most: inspirational, clear and practical guidance to help you along your journey. Your continued love and support means so much to me... thank you!! 
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