New Moon in Scorpio- Your Ultimate Transformation, Surprise, Surprise, True Depth Has No Bounds

New Moon in Scorpio- Your Ultimate Transformation, Surprise, Surprise, True Depth Has No Bounds


On November 13th, we have the potent and intense New Moon at 20 degrees of Scorpio. New moons herald a fresh start, new chance and the slate being wiped clean. Scorpio, the 8th zodiac sign, is known to be intense, transformational, sexual, mysterious and deeply powerful. 

Get ready as this New Moon in Scorpio is anything but light and breezy. In fact, this will be the MOST intense and potentially life changing moon's of 2023. It is time to face life with depth and a no BS perspective. 'The only way out is through' will be the motto with this new moon cycle.

This New Moon in Scorpio will bring forth amazing and at times painful new awakenings and perspective shifts. Scorpio is often the most feared zodiac sign. This is kind of a catch 22 of sorts as this sign is also one of the most powerful and psychologically aware of all 12 signs. You can't f*** around with this energy. If you do, expect a backlash beyond normal comprehension. That is why most folks insist this sign is difficult or hard to read. The truth is most people live on the surface. Scorpio is designed for the depths.

Expect to be catapulted to your destiny in a mysterious but transformational way during this new moon cycle. It is time to surrender to any changes that might come up along the way. It ain't pretty but true transformation isn't. It will be raw...real.. and will get you in touch with your inner personal power like never before.

The New Moon in Scorpio will be making some challenging yet motivational aspects to transit Mars in Scorpio and Uranus in Taurus. Her conjunction to Mars in Scorpio will intensify our willpower and a fighter like spirit will be felt by all. Since Mars is the original ruling planet of Scorpio, this conjunction will be uber intense and noticed. Be mindful of how you come across as there could be many who will want to go for the 'juggler 'so to speak with this aspect. The higher vibration will be a will to overcome any addictions, mental patterns or habits that have held you back. This is also a steamy aspect so anything sensual will also be enhanced now. The New Moon opposing Uranus in Taurus could lead to some very volatile financial situations. Issues between 'mine vs. ours' will be big. Some could have a financial windfall while others could suddenly see huge losses around their security. Explosive and erratic emotions could occur now. It would be best to accept any changes with grace as feelings will be heightened and unexpected at this time. 

For folks with their Sun, Moon or Ascendant signs on or close to 20 degrees of the fixed signs of: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius, expect to be most impacted by this new moon. Big and sudden shifts around your: physical body, home/family, relationships and careers could occur. Prepare to go to the depths of change with this new moon. Surrender to what comes up now. Resistance will be futile as these shifts are necessary for your growth and evolution. For everyone else, check where 20 degrees of Scorpio falls in your natal chart to see where these new and intense transformations will be occurring. If you would like to dive deeper to see where this New Moon in Scorpio will be impacting you, please consider joining my Patreon page where I go into detail for each sign on what powerful changes will be happening with this New Moon cycle( link below). 

The New Moon in Scorpio is here to bring forth radical change and a surge of personal power into your life. No other sign is as comfortable and at home with transformation as a deeply aware Scorpio. It is time to face your darkness with reverence and respect. You can't truly shift and evolve unless you can make peace with your shadow self. This isn't an easy process but becoming someone of power and substance never is. It takes work but on the other side is someone who knows and trusts themselves. This is the blessing of this new moon. The New Moon in Scorpio is asking you to let go of something in order to create something better. She is here to bring forth radical change and evolution into your life, have you face your darkness with compassion + understanding and allow you to become your most potent and courageous self.

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