Beaver Full Moon in Gemini- The Art of Allowance, Malleable Brilliance, Foot in Mouth Syndrome

Beaver Full Moon in Gemini- The Art of Allowance, Malleable Brilliance, Foot in Mouth Syndrome


On November 27th, we have the bright and airy Full Moon at 4 degrees of Gemini. Full Moons are a time of feelings coming to the surface to be expressed and acknowledged.They are highly emotional and significant. Full Moons represent endings, culminations and manifestation. Gemini, the 3rd zodiac sign is known to be intellectual, curious, adaptable, chatty and quite the social charmer.

The Full Moon in Gemini is here to add variety and a different way of looking at your feelings and thoughts. No other sign is as curious and intellectually driven as a forever youthful Gemini. These folks want to know EVERYTHING and they are lifelong learners. This Full Moon will open the floodgates to not only your emotions( which could be all over the shop) but to also the expansion and malleability of your mind. We will be craving all kinds of new information at this time and at a rapid pace. This is a great lunation to explore new hobbies and interests that require mental acuity and heightened states of precision. 

Since Gemini can be "here, there and everywhere" all within a matter of minutes, be aware of a low attention span. While curiosity and exploration are favored now, make sure to stick to one task at a time if possible. This will not be easy as we have a malleable mashup of planets in the sky at the moment. The mutable signs of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces are known to be the most adaptable and flexible in the entire zodiac. While this is their gift, their weakness lies in the inability to follow through at times and to remain grounded. We all will have to work extra hard to stay centered now. 

The Full Moon in Gemini will be making a 180 degree opposition to Mars, the planet of war, aggression, courage and willpower, who just recently entered the sign of Sagittarius. The Full Moon opposing Mars will add to this feisty and mutable madness lol! Passion on the intellectual realm will be super high now which is exciting but in the extreme, it could lead to verbal fireworks and grand displays of mental confusion. Everyone's inner preacher or teacher could be on major display with this aspect. Be mindful to keep your cool and to use this motivating aspect to explore inner truths and revelations. 

If your Sun, Moon or Ascendant sign is 4 degrees of Gemini ( +/- 3 degrees) or any of the other mutable signs of Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces, expect to be impacted most by this airy full moon. Major endings and manifestations around your physical body, family, relationships and career could be impacted. Make sure as mentioned above to remain as centered as possible. While you could want to throw the baby out with the bath water, it is advised to be prudent when making major decisions. Observing instead of making major new moves will be favored. For everyone else, check where 4 degrees of Gemini falls in your natal chart to see what intellectual and brilliant manifestations will be occurring for you. See my special extended sign horoscopes on Patreon( link below) to find out how exactly this Full Moon will impact you.

The Full Moon in Gemini is here to bring forward a child-like curiosity and playful energy to our lives. This is another one of Gemini's gifts to humanity. Being in a state of play and wonder is good for the soul and actually the immune system as well! This Full Moon wants to open you up to new ways to think and to expand your consciousness. With the philosophical Sun in Sagittarius standing across the sky from this Full Moon, we will all be asked to find our inner guru and guide. Mental fireworks and brilliant acts of courage and enlightenment are sure to be themes around the time of this powerful full moon. The Full Moon in the sign of the twins is asking for us to remain open and flexible, spark a new level of mental acuity and to remind us of the joy and beauty of honoring our inner child.

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