New Moon in Libra- Love is a Creation, Balancing Out the Mind + the Heart, Peaceful Resolutions + Big Dreams Coming True

New Moon in Libra- Love is a Creation, Balancing Out the Mind + the Heart, Peaceful Resolutions + Big Dreams Coming True


On September 25th, we have the bright and glorious New Moon at 2 degrees of Libra. In the days leading up to a new moon, we can feel rather pensive and uneasy. The moon in her dark moon phase( right before the new moon) often is a time of incubation with little direction + guidance. The New Moon itself represents the promise of hope, a new dawn and beginnings. We are ready to grow with the moon's light and create projects, plans and ambitions that fulfill us + foster growth. Libra, the 7th zodiac sign, deals with relationships, harmony, balance, justice and peace of mind. 

The New Moon in Libra is here to bring forth beautiful unions of mutual respect and peace. We are ready to create from a place of balance and compromise. There is a loving yet intellectual vibe to this airy moon. Venus who rules the sign of Libra is the planet of love, pleasure, money and beauty. Kindness, aesthetic pleasure and loving vibes will be our jam with this romantic lunation. This is a great new moon to get into a union that supports the balance of our masculine and feminine sides. Any partnership will be favored now as well as reexamining our desire for equality and justice. The higher vibration of the New Moon in Libra will be our desire to see both sides of a situation or connection with harmony and mutual respect. The lower side of this New Moon could be the tendency to overlook the "harsh" aspects of a relationship in order to avoid confrontation and disagreements. In this case, I would advise being mindful of keeping the peace just to not "rock the boat" and to stuff issues under the rug. There is a need to still speak from the heart but with authenticity and honesty. Maintaining an open heart with healthy boundaries will negate a lot of the lower vibrations of this loving new moon.  

The New Moon in Libra will be making a polarizing 180 degree opposition to retrograde Jupiter, the planet of abundance, expansion and wisdom, who is currently in the sign of Aries. The New Moon in Libra opposing retrograde Jupiter in Aries will add a flavor of "go big or go home" to our connections and partnerships. Some major declarations of love and commitment could be on the horizon. We will have to be careful of such declarations as Mercury, the planet of the mind, contracts and business is still retrograde at this time. This influence of Mercury retrograde could lead to wishful thinking and idealistic viewpoints. With that said, the New Moon in aspect with Jupiter will have us seeking deeper understanding and wisdom from our connections. There is a philosophical vibe to these partnerships that promises growth and the added desire for knowledge. Exaggeration could be common so making sure we still come from a grounded and practical approach is advised. 

For those folks whose Sun, Moon and Ascendant is on or close to 2 degrees of Libra( +/- 3 degrees) will be most impacted by the New Moon in Libra. Expect major relationships to be formed and to reexamine what equality and compromise looks like in your life. You could begin a major project, connection or opportunity that sparks your more tender and loving side. The second group of folks most impacted by this new moon will be those who have their Sun, Moon or Ascendant on or close to 2 degrees (+/- 3 degrees) of the other Cardinal signs: Aries, Cancer and Capricorn. Expect to have a pivotal turning point in your relationships that could last well beyond this new moon phase. Major destined soulmate unions could be formed now. For everyone else, check where 2 degrees of Libra falls in your natal chart to see where these new harmonious and loving partnerships will be formed and developed. 

The New Moon in Libra is here to foster a sense of peace and tranquility. In a world of harshness and inequality, this lunation wants to bring forth justice and balance to our lives. In many ways, we will desire to have this equal give and take within our connections. The New Moon in Libra wants us to remember that there are 2 sides to every situation. When we seek to create the unification of both with mutual love and respect, anything and everything can be achieved. This New Moon wants to create win/win situations that foster a sense of beauty, kindness and harmony. She is here to bring forth unions that honor all involved, loving creations that spark intellectual wonder + growth and the ability to forgive and come from a sacred place of understanding and compromise. 

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