Full Moon in Virgo- Back to the Basics, Emotional Responsibility, It's the Little Things in Life That Matter

Full Moon in Virgo- Back to the Basics, Emotional Responsibility, It's the Little Things in Life That Matter


On February 24/25th we have the organized + efficient Full Moon at 5 degrees of Virgo. Full moons are always highly emotional and a time when we see manifestations, culmination and endings happening in our lives. Virgo, the 6th zodiac sign deals with order, organization, grounded principles, health and accountability. 

The Full Moon in Virgo is here to bring forth a grounded and simplistic view to our emotional natures. While we have the uber emotional Sun in the sign of Pisces right across from this full moon, we will be in the mood to bring order and organization to our mind, body and soul. Virgo as a sign loves to analyze and make sense of life. This Full Moon in Virgo will be a great time to get back to the basics around organizing and getting rid of what or who no longer serves our health and vitality. Some folks could see the fruits of their labor finally paying off around a health regimen. Others could want to "clean house" and feel emotionally energized by some early Spring cleaning. 

The higher vibration of this Full Moon will be the ability to look at every detail of life with a newfound awareness and insight + the ability to add a dose of sensibility and practical thinking to our affairs. The lower vibration of this Full Moon will be an overly hyper critical focus on what is wrong and self doubt in our ability to find a solution. The balance will be a critical eye that also holds space for being more compassionate and accepting of ourselves. 

The Full Moon in Virgo will be making a couple aspects to her other planetary friends. The first will be a harmonious trine ( 120 degree aspect) to Jupiter, the planet of luck, optimism and expansion, who is currently in the sign of Taurus. The Full Moon in a beneficial aspect to Jupiter will add a dose of optimism and luck to our feelings. There will be an added sense of philosophical wonder + knowledge that could come forth at this time. The second aspect will be a polarizing opposition ( 180 degree aspect) to Saturn, the planet of restrictions, hard work and obligation, who is currently in the sign of Pisces. The Full Moon in opposition to Saturn could bring forth feelings of heaviness or burdens. While we will still feel Jupiter's lucky aspect, there could be some kind of extra responsibility that we will have to face that could seem restrictive or even harsh in nature. Balancing the two aspects between Jupiter and Saturn could be tricky as one will feel uplifting and the other one could feel limiting. It is imperative to find the equilibrium between learning + growing ( Jupiter) and maturing + remaining grounded ( Saturn). 

For those born with their Sun, Moon or Ascendant signs on or close to 5 degrees of Virgo or the other mutable signs of: Gemini, Sagittarius or Pisces, expect to feel the effects of this Full Moon the most. Major endings are possible but also big blessings are in store. This is especially true around the areas of your physical body, home life, relationships and career. It is important to remain somewhat flexible and remember to roll with these changes with grace and patience. For everyone else, check where 5 degrees of Virgo falls in your natal chart to see where these detail oriented + vibes of organization will be impacting your life. I will be offering my extended sign horoscopes via Patreon ( link below) if you would like to see how this full moon will be impacting you specifically. I provide tips and guidance, all channeled from spirit. 

The Full Moon in Virgo is here to bring forth acute awareness and the ability to get back to the basics of life. With all of the hustle and bustle and information overload we experience on a daily basis, this could be quite a relief to many. Virgo energy is also about making a difference and being of service. This Full Moon in the sign of the virgin wants you to come back home to yourself with clarity and simplicity. No major thrills will do. This lunation asks that you honor the tried and true aspects of hard work and being accountable. The Full Moon in Virgo is here to bring forth a critical eye of awareness and perspective, a return to feeling grounded and of service and the ability to come from a place of making a profound difference for all. 

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