New Moon in Capricorn- Is It Solid? Is it Grounded? The Power to Discern + the Discipline to Know Better

New Moon in Capricorn- Is It Solid? Is it Grounded? The Power to Discern + the Discipline to Know Better


On January 2nd/3rd, we have the grounding and seriously "make shit happen" New Moon at 12 degrees of Capricorn. New Moons are very fragile energy where we are ushered into new beginnings, the slate being wiped clean and new initiatives. Capricorn, the 10th zodiac sign, is known to be hard working, disciplined, the go-getter, the business pro and the one who is true blue + solid. 

The New Moon in Capricorn is here to get things moving in the way of solid structures, plans and routines. No other sign is as disciplined or as business savvy as the ambitious goat! These folks make a plan and stick to it with every fiber of their being. Second best is never good enough. This is an excellent New Moon to work on any kind of new business plan, long term goal or reorganization project that you can devote your entire being to. A very no BS attitude will be very prevalent. Planning for investments that will bear fruit in years to come will be encouraged with this ambitious lunation.

Since Capricorn thinks about longevity and reliability, if people, situations or lifestyle habits in your life aren't solid and true blue, they might be released at this time. If this happens, there were issues way before this lunation showed up. This will be making room for people, projects and habits that align with your heart and who will stick around no matter what is going on. 

Since we have a Capricorn party atm( Sun, Mercury, Venus and Pluto) my advice will be to incorporate some of the opposing sign's energy to balance out the abundance of this workaholic energy. This would be to incorporate more Cancer like energy which is emotional, sensitive, nurturing and imaginative. Balancing out these serious and somber vibes of Capricorn with the sensitive and nourishing vibes of Cancer will tone down some of these heavier earthy energies. For anyone born with their Sun, Moon or Ascendant( to a lesser degree, IC-4th house, DC-7th house, MC-10th house or NN/SN) close to 12 degrees of Capricorn, this new moon will bless your planets/points with prosperity and long term success. For everyone else, check where 12 degrees of Capricorn is in your natal chart to see where these grounding and long lasting objectives will have a green light.

The New Moon in Capricorn is here to make some serious moves that are connected to long term goals and business savvy ambitions. If you ever wanted to get moving on a dream, project or endeavor, this is the time to make it happen and to find the strength and fortitude to accomplish your heart's desires. The New Moon in Capricorn wants you to realize that dependability, ambition and accountability are the sexiest words on the planet. Hard work and commitment to your goals never goes out of style. Sometimes Cap energy can take it too far, so make sure to still find time to rest and relax as the hustle vibes will be at an all time high. The New Moon in Capricorn wants you to own your power and to go out there and MAKE IT HAPPEN. No excuses. No whining. Solid. Vibes. Never. Lie. The New Moon in Capricorn is here to give you a solid foundation to make your biggest dreams a reality, recognize the beauty within structures and solid intentions and to have you recognize your inner boss babe energy. 

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