New Moon in Aquarius- The Most Enlightening New Moon of 2021, Aquarius Party of a Lifetime, The Beauty of Interdependence + Originality

New Moon in Aquarius- The Most Enlightening New Moon of 2021,  Aquarius Party of a Lifetime, The Beauty of Interdependence + Originality

On February 11th, the Moon, which represents: our feelings, intuition, gut instinct, becomes New at 23 degrees of Aquarius. The days before a New Moon tend to be tense and bring in uneasy feelings as there is no light from La Luna to guide us. Being that the Moon rules the ocean and tides, and we as humans are over 70% water, we instinctually crave the Moon's guidance and assurance. Hence the important factor of receiving such light and source of wisdom. New Moons herald: fresh starts, beginnings and the slate being wiped clean. Aquarius, the 11th zodiac sign, is represented as: the innovator, the genius, the detached visionary and someone who craves equality and love for humanity.
The New Moon in Aquarius is here to shine a light towards our highest self and the essence of our sovereignty and free will. At the time of the New Moon in Aquarius, we will have 5 other planets/celestial bodies in the sign of Aquarius including: the Sun, Mercury( in retrograde motion), Venus, Jupiter and Saturn. This is unprecedented and has only occurred one other time in recent history. That time was February 1962, when there were rumblings of the beginning of the hippie revolution and innovations within society. At that time in 1962, here in the US, John Glenn became the first person to orbit outside of the earth's atmosphere. It was literally the first time that we received a glimpse of what life was like beyond our earth's orbital sphere. Similar themes around going where no man or woman has ever gone will be echoed again for this alignment. I expect some very radical and life changing inventions and technologies to either be invented or introduced because of the result of this extraordinary planetary alignment within the genius barring sign of Aquarius. 
The New Moon in Aquarius wants us to set our sights on something bigger and think beyond the limits that society or our own upbringing has provided. This is an excellent time to create that dream project, career or life mission that lights us up and that inspires us to "go where we have never dreamed possible." The key though will be to make sure we drop down to our hearts and stay grounded within its warmth and light. With so many planets in Aquarius, we need to look to the opposite sign of Leo to balance out the scales so to speak. I say this all the time but elemental balance is very important. Whenever we have a predominance of one type of element in the sky( in this case it is air, which is Aquarius's ruling element) it is best to balance it out with the opposing sign's brilliance. Leo is Aquarius's opposite and unlike the very mental and cerebral Aquarius energy, Leo rules the heart and the understanding of the healthy ego and sense of self. This integration between both signs will be crucial and allow us not to get stuck inside our head( Aquarius) but remain inspired and lit up by our heart's guidance( Leo). The opposing signs complement each other so beautifully and this is one example of their masterful blend of co-creation. 
Another amazing thing about the New Moon in Aquarius will be an incredible and fortunate aspect between Venus and Jupiter, who of course are also in the sign of Aquarius. Venus represents: love, beauty, money and pleasure. Jupiter represents: luck, abundance, wisdom and expansion. Venus conjunct Jupiter in Aquarius is a love balm aspect of fortune and blessings. When the two benefics come together to greet one another, the angels sing a song of delight and excitement. This aspect is a wonderful boost to our moral and sense of beauty and wonder. I would make an extra wish or intention at this New Moon to honor Venus and Jupiter's meetup. Again, this is a great support to the New Moon and this aspect will align us to reach for our highest ideals and visions. If you happen to have any planets between 7-15 degrees of the air signs( Gemini, Libra or Aquarius) or fire signs ( Aries, Leo or Sagittarius) then this aspect will beam a light of unlimited possibility and positivity to those planets. A window of light and opportunity will grace us all however, even if you don't have any planets within those signs/degrees. Financial and philosophical pursuits will be favored and encouraged by the planetary gods at this time.
The New Moon in Aquarius is here to bring forth your love for one another and love for the world. This of course begins with the love of the self. You cannot truly honor or love someone else until you find that inner spark within. This moon wants you to believe in yourself and at the same time to hold space and unconditional love for your fellow man and woman. No other sign stands for world peace like a faithful Aquarius soul. With all the changes and unprecedented events of the last year or so, we might feel all over the shop. The interesting thing is that through our isolation from one another, we have actually begun to step into the understanding that we are in fact more alike than not. This awareness ;has prompted us to hold a new space of compassion and understanding for each other. At least that is what the beginning of this Aquarian age is here to teach us. It isn't easy but nothing that lasts and that has substance and brilliance ever is. The New Moon in Aquarius wants you to find your own accountability but also extend your hand and heart to your fellow man/woman. She is here to bring: a breakthrough in consciousness around our ideals and connections with one another, an intellectual breakthrough of our genius powers and the realization that I am you and you are me... we are one and all we have is each other. 
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