May 2022- The Eclipse Energy Continues, Major Endings Lead to Massive Rebirths, Communication Snafus + Rethinking Your Plans + Projects

May 2022- The Eclipse Energy Continues, Major Endings Lead to Massive Rebirths, Communication Snafus + Rethinking Your Plans + Projects


Welcome to May 2022! What a hell of a month this will be! I feel like I say that every month lol. Hold on and get ready for another wild ride as this month is as interesting and life changing as last month. Maybe even more so for some folks!

May 2022 is so life changing because we are still in the season of eclipses. Eclipses bring in changes, transformations and sudden endings/new beginnings. They aren't bad or scary. Quite to the contrary, we as human beings need to be awoken to what is possible beyond our own understanding and capabilities. Eclipses bring in events, situations and people as lessons and blessings or as I like to call it "blessons". 

Most of what happens during Eclipse season is surprising and shocking but truth be told, there were remnants of these energies being felt prior to the actual eclipse season itself. Eclipse season comes with a pair of lunation's. In this eclipse season, we just had the Partial Solar Eclipse in Taurus at the end of April and now moving into May we have the Total Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio. Solar Eclipses are new moons on steroids that bring in massive new starts and beginnings. Lunar Eclipses are full moons on steroids that bring in massive and transformational endings and manifestations. 

My best advice this month is to surrender, allow and let go. This is always my advice to some degree, but even more so at this time. We are in some very dense and at times confusing cosmic energies that will require us to slow down, observe and be calm. Easier said than done when so many shifts are happening. It is imperative though as there could be many emotionally trying and confronting times this upcoming month. Extra doses of being gentle with ourselves and others is always advised but even more so this month.

I will begin with a cosmic jolt that starts us off this eventful month. 

On May 5th, the Sun, which represents our ego, life force and energy, meets up with Uranus. the planet of surprises, jolts and shocks at 14 degrees in the sign of Taurus. The Sun and Uranus in Taurus will bring forth a huge awakening connected to our security, values and money. These two were very close at the Partial Solar Eclipse in Taurus at the end of April, and they have continued their dance with one another. Expect the unexpected when it comes to what or who we hold near and dear. There could be some kind of separation around a job or project or we might just be valuing our independence and sense of freedom in new and innovative ways. Since Taurus in its lower forms is known to be stubborn and fixed, we might have to watch out for the tendency to hold onto things, people and situations that need to be let go of in the first place. For anyone who has their Sun, Moon or Ascendant sign on or close to the 14th degree of Taurus will be most impacted by this transit. For everyone else, check where 14 degrees of Taurus falls in your natal chart to see where you could find surprising and shocking situations involving your values and resources.

On May 10th, we begin another Mercury retrograde cycle. Mercury, the planet of the mind, communication and contracts will begin his retrograde orbit from 4 degrees of Gemini moving all the way back to 26 degrees of Taurus before turning direct on June 3rd. This will be an extremely potent Mercury retrograde cycle since he rules the sign of Gemini. Whenever a planet stations or goes retrograde in a sign they rule, the effects of that energy are very potent and directed. Mercury retrograde in Gemini will create all kinds of snafus and miscommunications with our relationships, work endeavors and business plans. We could be here, there, everywhere within our mind and there could be little to no warning with such changes and switch ups. We might also have a real case of foot in mouth syndrome so be careful what you say and how you say it. It would be best to hold off on any major purchases or decisions as there could be things hidden from your view or you might have to go back and revise the contract or agreements. This is a good time however to go back to past projects and ideas and rethink, redesign and recalibrate them. As always ex's or just folks from our past could arrive back on the scene( especially if this Mercury retrograde falls in your 5th house of love or 7th house of committed relationships). For folks whose Sun, Moon and Ascendant signs are between 26 degrees of Taurus- 4 degrees of Gemini, you will be most impacted by this Mercury retrograde transit. For everyone else, check where these degrees fall in your natal chart to see where these communication breakdowns, past events and people could show up in your life. 

The very next day on May 11th, Jupiter, the planet of abundance, expansion and good fortune, transits from Pisces over to the sign of Aries. Jupiter will remain here until October 2022 before moving back into Pisces( will be retrograde). Jupiter in Aries is here to pump up the volume on our sense of independence, entrepreneur vibes and leadership qualities. We will feel all fired up about our purpose and a rage of fiery inspiration will become quite normal. This is a great transit to find the courage to begin a new business or project and folks will also be more direct and blunt during this time. Jupiter will only get to about the 8th degree of Aries before turning retrograde in late July 2022. For folks whose Sun, Moon or Ascendant signs are between 0-8 degrees of Aries will be most impacted by this Jupiter transit. If you also happen to have your Sun, Moon or Ascendant between 0-8 degrees in the other fire signs of Leo or Sagittarius, this will also be a very positive and uplifting transit( especially for Sag folks as Jupiter is your ruling planet). For everyone else check where 0-8 degrees of Aries falls in your natal chart to see where you will be receiving a fiery boost of inspiration and wisdom. 

Moving to the middle of the month, on May 15/16th we have the massive and life changing Total Lunar Eclipse at 26 degrees of Scorpio. As mentioned above, Lunar eclipses are full moons with 10x the power and magnitude of regular full moons. They bring in fated and often unavoidable endings, culminations and manifestations. This one will be a doozy! This is mainly due to the fact that the moon itself has a very hard time in the sign of Scorpio as she is in a debilitation state. The Total Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio will bring up and out our darker and more vulnerable sides when it comes to our relationships, past wounds and traumas. I would advise you...

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