Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio- The Ultimate Death + Rebirth, F*** and Find Out, Intimacy of the Soul

Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio- The Ultimate Death + Rebirth, F*** and Find Out, Intimacy of the Soul


On May 5th/6th we have the powerful and jaw dropping Lunar Eclipse at 16 degrees of Scorpio. Lunar eclipses are highly emotional full moons that will rock and shock your emotions like no other. They bring in ultimate and transformational endings, manifestations and culminations. Scorpio, the 8th zodiac sign deals with death/rebirth, intimacy, joint resources, the phoenix rising from the ashes and intensity. 

The Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio is aligning with the South Node in Scorpio. The South Node is an elliptical point on the moon’s axis and it represents letting go, allowing, spiritual awakening and what is known and comfortable. The Lunar Eclipse with the South Node wants us to surrender our power in some way. The lesson of allowing the universe to “handle it” and letting go of any control tactics will be a theme now.

The Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio is here to bring in finality, death/rebirth situations and the realization of many painful truths. The moon itself doesn't find Scorpio energy very welcoming or enjoyable. The moon deals with security, nurturing and our tender emotional states. Scorpio energy is about the real deal, getting to the heart of the matter with nothing left unsaid. It also deals with the "darker" side of life which in all reality the moon finds a hard time facing with such intensity. There is a no BS  energy to this Full moon eclipse that will expose any shady characters and sneaky behaviors. If you are standing in your integrity, there is a surge of power + vitality that is set to manifest for you. If not, get ready to exposed + deal with the truth of your actions being revealed in a painful + perhaps shocking light. 

The higher vibration this Lunar Eclipse could bring together power house partnerships that are destined to rise again and again more powerful than anyone could imagine. The lower vibration of this energy is the ultimate death of an idea, relationship or situation that wasn't on solid ground to begin with and needed a wake up call. All or nothing. Black or white. In or out. There will be no "in between" "kind of" or "maybe" with this powerful lunation. Shit or get off the pot is the motto of this eclipse. 

The Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio is making a tense opposition (180 degrees) to Uranus, the planet of shocks, sudden awakening and evolution who is currently in the sign of Taurus. The Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio opposing Uranus in Taurus could bring in all kinds of surprises, shocks and breakdowns with our resources. This will be on an individual level as well as within relationships/collective consciousness. Brutal and unwelcoming truths surrounding self worth and "me vs. we"  energy will be very noticeable now. Be careful with your financial resources on and around this full moon. Erratic and hard to predict emotions could also be at play. My advise is to always wait a few days after any eclipse to make major decisions if you can help it. The energy of eclipses is too unstable and intense and often leads to having to go back to situations to change or fix them. Remaining calm could prove difficult with all these intense emotions or surprises occurring but it will be vital. Allow the storm to ride out and then make a decision, especially as mentioned around financial matters. 

Those folks with their Sun, Moon or Ascendant signs on or close to (+ or - 3 degrees) of 16 degrees of the fixed signs: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius will be most impacted by this powerful eclipse. Expect life altering endings or big breakthroughs that will rock you for up to 6 months to 1 year. Something will die in a big way.. even an attitude or way of thinking. Get ready to face your ultimate sense of personal power and destiny. For others check where 16 degrees of Scorpio falls in your natal chart to see where these intense and life altering culminations will be occurring. 

The Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio is here to bring you to your knees with the truth and nothing but the truth. There is such a raw surge of power and intensity to this full moon that it might at first be frightening or difficult to comprehend. The beauty of this full moon eclipse is the realization of your inner strength and tenacity to face life head on with your chin held high. You can't run from your own or others darkness. The only way out is always through. The Lunar Eclipse in the sign of the scorpion wants you to get REAL and RAW and embrace this "darkness" with awareness and unconditional love. The light and dark need one another. In fact, one cannot exist without the other. It is time to RISE UP and face your shit with humility and humbleness.

The Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio is here to bring in finalities and life altering situations, financial power + inner resilience and the realization that the only true control you have is the control over yourself and your reactions. 

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