Jupiter + Saturn in Aquarius- The Greatest Conjunction of Our Lifetime, The Individual Within the Collective.. The Collective Within the Individual, Expansion vs. Contraction Inside of Human Ideals

The Greatest Conjunction of Our Lifetime
On December 21st, the powerful day of solstice, Jupiter, the planet of: expansion, abundance and wisdom and Saturn, the planet of: structures, karma and responsibility, meet each other at 0 degrees of Aquarius. Aquarius, the 11th sign, is known for: individuality, collective consciousness, invention, futuristic vision and enlightenment. 
Get ready. This aspect will completely change the trajectory of our civilization as we know it. A major awakening connected to our earthly experience is now possible. 
Jupiter conjunct Saturn in Aquarius is here to install a whole new level of understanding and enlightenment that beckons for our attention and awareness. If things have been stagnant or just blah... hold your horses. Change and massive invention on every level has come to greet us.
This once in a lifetime aspect is here to propel us into a new dawn of human consciousness. The last time this aspect occurred was in 1406 and we won't see it again for another 600+ years. Just when you thought 2020 couldn't produce anymore surprises, think again. This aspect will redefine what it means to be on earth together. Major and unavoidable change and progress is coming. We are being asked to hold a sacred space of love and understanding of our intentions. 
This aspect happening at the anaretic 0 degree of Aquarius is a sign from the gods of the potency of such understanding and the need to unify our ideals and perspectives. All with be massively impacted by this aspect but the early (0-10 degree) fixed signs( Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius) as either your: Sun, Moon, Ascendant or IC=4th house cusp, DC=7th house cusp or MC=10th house cusp, will most effected. If you happen to have your placements within those fixed signs, you will be a leader who will bring these massive changes and enlightenment forth. Being an early degree Aquarius Sun myself, I can feel the power and potency of a new era upon us. Everyone though, will be able to access this call. We are being divinely led to a new stratosphere of human understanding that hasn't existed within our lifetime. Invention requires patience. Invention requires curiosity. Invention requires holding a space for the great unknown. 
Jupiter and Saturn conjunct in Aquarius will be a wake up call for us to unite and build lasting structures that support not only the individual but the collective as a whole. These two coming together is somewhat of a contradiction. Jupiter, the great benefic is an expansive planet. Saturn, the great malefic, promotes contraction as a planet. You can see the paradox here. On one hand, we will want to explore and dive deep within our knowledge of each other + our deepest dreams, which is where Jupiter's influence resides. On the other hand, we will be asked to also hold new boundaries and obligations within our interactions with one another, which is where Saturn's influence resides. This will be a tricky see-saw balance act. 
Jupiter in Aquarius is here to teach Saturn in Aquarius the art of belief, trust and faith in our human experiences and how despite our differences, we actually are more alike than apart. Saturn in Aquarius is here to teach Jupiter in Aquarius the art of descrimination and the beauty of discipline to create these wondrous and inventive new structures connected to our destiny. Together, both will hold the space of infinite possibility where such expansion + contraction work with one another. Just as the birth of human life, we need both sides to exist. Both sides are important in the creation of a new way of looking + interacting in life. When we can be ok with both, is when that sacred flow of balance and integration can manifest.
Jupiter conjunct Saturn in Aquarius is here to re-define and shift our experience of one another forever. We are on the brink of the Aquarian Age and this aspect will usher in those Aquarius ideals and practices. We are being asked to hold sacred and loving space for ourselves and our fellow men/women. I remember when I was 5 years old and I brought my grandmother to show-and-tell. She was so delighted and as she was leaving she said,'' Sarah, you have such wonderful classmates." I smiled and turned to her and said "thank you" and then proceeded to say," Grandma yes, these are my classmates, but they are more than just that." "What do you mean?", she replied. I smiled and said, " They are my brothers and sisters, we are more alike than not and I love each of them." That statement I made almost 34 years ago, is what this new age is about.
Jupiter and Saturn coming together in the sign of the water bearer wants us to recognize that I am you and you are me, and at the same time we can respect one another's differences with love and honor. Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius are here to: provide the structure + expansion within our human consciousness, produce inventions of brilliance and enlightenment and propel us into a different era filled with love, peace and understanding. 
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