Jupiter in Pisces- To Dream Takes Courage, A Rise In Psychic Powers, The Beauty and Expansion of Unconditional Love + Unity

Jupiter in Pisces- To Dream Takes Courage, A Rise In Psychic Powers, The Beauty and Expansion of Unconditional Love + Unity


On May 13th, Jupiter, the planet of expansion, luck, abundance and wisdom moves into the dreamy and watery sign of Pisces. This transit is considered highly auspicious and favorable. Pisces, the 12th zodiac sign, is known to represent compassion, sensitivity, unconditional love and divine protection. 


Jupiter in Pisces is here to expand our sensitivity to beauty, art and spirituality. A reconnection to spirit team + ancestors is what this transit will bring forth. A loving and ethereal presence of unconditional love and support will be felt by all. Many could find that their dream states and imagination take a massive spike during these next 2 months. Healing and prophetic awareness will be highlighted and deeply felt. 


Jupiter in Pisces will raise our abilities to tap into the unknown and hidden parts of our psyche. Pisces naturally rules the 12th house of our subconscious patterning and psychological traumas. Many could be drawn to past life regression therapy and alternative forms of healing at this time. This transit could also herald major philosophical achievements mixed with uncanny foresights. Our connection to the water could also be particularly active. The planet of hope within the sign of intuition will raise our levels of compassion and many altruistic endeavors and causes will also be very appealing. 


This transit is so powerful due to the fact that Jupiter is considered in his "domicile" in Pisces. Planets in their domicile are at home and comfy as they represent natural rulership over that particular sign. Prior to Neptune being discovered, Jupiter ruled over Pisces ( and in many astrological systems, he still does). I compare it to you relocating to a vacation home or timeshare. While it may not be your actual "home" it still holds the similar comforts and pleasures that feel familiar and in sync with your being. Jupiter will remain in Pisces for just 2 months so this is a glimpse of what is to come in late 2021-2022 when he officially transits the sign for a whole year.


The last time Jupiter was in Pisces was in 2010. You might want to look back to that year to see what was happening and to pay particular attention to what house Pisces rules in your natal chart.  Similar events and situations could occur. For myself, I was planning a relocation to Australia from my home in the US. Ironically, Jupiter rules international travel and the sign of Pisces rules over my 4th house of home, family and emotional foundations. I remember my family and friends thinking I had lost my mind. To relocate across the world was no easy feat. I attribute this transit of Jupiter in Pisces at that time, to giving me hope and faith while I battled the complexities of an international move. Wherever Pisces falls in your natal chart, expect to receive a boost of faith and optimism. It could feel like you are relying on blind faith but nonetheless, to dream and explore takes that blind faith to dive into the infinite waters of possibility. 


Jupiter in Pisces is here to expand your sense of intuition and remind you of the power of hope and faith. There is an air of mystery to this transit but there is also an air of divine protection with this transit as well. Plan to dream big and to surrender your ego. Help and assistance could come from the heavens. This is truly the transit of "divine timing". Jupiter in Pisces wants to help you heal and to remind you of the power of prayer and intention. A reconnection to the lost parts of your soul is what this transit will bring forth. Jupiter in Pisces is here to allow your imagination and sense of wonder to soar, deep connection to your spiritual center + team and the power and beauty of sweet surrender to the mysteries of the universe. 


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