Jupiter Conjunct Neptune in Pisces- The Expansion of Spiritual Consciousness, Ancestral Wisdom, Flowing Abundance + Murky Perceptions

Jupiter Conjunct Neptune in Pisces- The Expansion of Spiritual Consciousness, Ancestral Wisdom, Flowing Abundance + Murky Perceptions


On April 12th, we have the once in a lifetime aspect of Jupiter, the planet of expansion, wisdom and luck coming to meet up with Neptune, the planet of spirituality, surrender and the imagination both in the sign of Pisces. These two greet one another at 23 degrees of Pisces. Pisces the 12th zodiac sign deals with the subconscious realms, sensitivity, spiritual understanding, compassion and what's hidden. 

Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Pisces is here to expand our spiritual and compassionate natures to a level that once was only a dream. This is an extremely powerful and potent combination for many reasons. Both of these planets are considered the former and modern day rulers of the sign of Pisces. Jupiter is considered the former ruler( but still considered the modern day ruler by eastern astrology) as he denotes a level of understanding, wisdom and faith. Neptune is considered the modern day ruler as he denotes the unconscious realms of our psyche, spiritual understanding and the ethereal matters of life. When a planet returns back to his/her home sign, that planet is super directed and full on in energy. 

There is a sense of destiny with Jupiter and Neptune here in their native sign. A rise of unconditional love and understanding will be the common theme when these two tango again. If there ever was a time when we needed such energy, the time is now.

Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces will be an amazing influence for the artistic and creative movement as well. Since Pisces rules anything that has to do with music, art and creative expression, expect to see unbelievable works of art created from their meetup. These creations could have to do with a rise in consciousness and expansion of our connection as a species as a whole. The lower vibration of this meetup is also something to note. Pisces energy in its lower energy denotes: confusion, delusion, illusion, escapism and quite literally drugs and alcohol dependence. Many folks could see this play out in many ways. Being extra mindful of the substances we consume internally and externally is advised. In addition, making sure we are being logical and rational could be difficult but necessary with these two coming together. 

The last time these two met up in the sign of Pisces was over 166 years ago in March of 1856. Some of the events from that period were very interesting and profound. The first one was the revival of religion known as the "Fourth Great Awakening" which occurred with 39 new religions being established. Since Pisces rules faith and the spiritual realms, this completely makes sense. Another interesting event was the invention of the first synthetic dye, mauveine discovered by William Henry Perkin, while he was attempting to synthesize quinine. This was the first chemical dyes to be mass produced and eventually led to the birth of the chemical industry. This is relevant to Pisces energy as Neptune, the modern day ruler of the sign is known to rule chemicals and gases. Another very interesting observation is not the events that happened but the folks that were born that year. These included some of the most brilliant and innovative pioneers in our modern day time such as: Nikola Tesla, Sigmund Freud, Booker T. Washington and L. Frank Baum( the author of the Wizard of Oz). 

For those folks born with their Sun, Moon or Ascendant within 3 degrees (+/-) of 23 degrees of Pisces will be most impacted from this aspect. Expect a dreamy and almost fairytale-like energy to encompass you. This is especially true of folks born close to this date( which includes my own father). While this aspect will be felt only for a couple months, there could be lasting implications of such a powerful conjunction for the whole year to come. For everyone else check where 23 degrees of Pisces falls in your natal chart to receive clues on which areas of your life will be most impacted by this once in a lifetime dreamy and ethereal match up. I go into each sign's predictions on my Patreon page if you are interested. 

Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Pisces is here to expand our capacity to unconditionally love ourselves and one another. No other sign is as fluent in the language of universal love and consciousness as that of a Pisces. As mentioned, if there was ever a time that we could use such higher levels of understanding and compassion, it is certainly now. Pisces energy cuts off the borders between you and I. While this can be dangerous to some extent, as healthy boundaries are favored, there is a sense of surrender that we are all ONE that this aspect wants to bring forth. Can we live in a society that encourages such deep levels of consciousness and compassion? Are we able to unite with our spiritual awareness in order to survive/thrive within this human existence?  These are some of the questions this aspect could raise. Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Pisces wants to create an utopian reality of unconditional love that exists well beyond our differences of opinions or cultural norms. This aspect is here to raise our levels of infinite peace and understanding, cultivate a deeper and more meaningful connection to spirit and to give us the hope and faith in a world that works together for EVERYONE.  

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