Full Moon in Leo- The Heart Wants What the Heart Wants, Dramatic + Fortunate Manifestations, You Are Braver Than You Realize

Full Moon in Leo- The Heart Wants What the Heart Wants, Dramatic + Fortunate Manifestations, You Are Braver Than You Realize
On January 28th, we have the Full "Wolf" Moon at 9 degrees of Leo. Full Moons are always highly emotional and charged and deal with: endings, manifestations and culmination. Leo, the 5th zodiac sign is known to be: heart centered, a leader, brave, fixed and passionate. 
Get ready to feel a heart activation that is expressive and wild! A longing to connect with our inner child will come forth with La Luna Full in the sign of the lion. Fiery flames of creativity are ready to be released with inspiration and courage.  I am super excited myself as I was born on this Full Moon in Leo, 38 years ago. A rebirth of a sorts is here! 
A rush of passion and purpose is what the Leo Full Moon is here to bring forth. Inside of the heart of the winter(Northern Hemisphere) or the heart of summer( Southern Hemisphere) there is a need to awaken our inner flames of purpose and desire. Major creative and artistic projects could culminate with this full moon. A heart chakra activation is upon us and we are ready to get a little wild and explore unknown terrains!! 
The Sun in Aquarius opposing the Leo Full Moon will add a dynamic of the mind vs. the heart. This axis of opposing signs is where the eccentric brainiac meets the courageous warrior. A divine blend of intellectual understanding met with a passionate drive of self expression is what this time is all about. Finding that sweet balance could be rather tricky as neither of these signs likes to budge and both are extremely willful and stubborn in nature.
At the time of the Full Moon in Leo, most of the visible planets are in air and earth signs. The only exception is Neptune in Pisces(water). We have the: Sun in Aquarius( air), Mercury in Aquarius( air), Venus in Capricorn( earth), Mars in Taurus( earth), Jupiter in Aquarius( air), Saturn in Aquarius( air), Uranus in Taurus( earth) and Pluto in Capricorn( earth). Holy geezus... look at that earth and air element party! Grounded and intellectual energies are so prevalent. This is where the basic balancing out of the elements becomes important to incorporate.
When I learned astrology initially, I started with learning how to balance out the elements and their importance. The two predominant energies that are missing at the moment are the fire and water elements. Literally incorporating both elements will help create an equilibrium between the weighty and grounded earth element as well as the intellectual and detached air element. Candle gazing, building a literal fire or finding a sport or creative passion that will spark those inner flames will bring in the fire element. Bathing in water, drinking more liquids and visiting lakes, streams or the ocean will soothe the emotions and bring in the water element. As mentioned, I have found paying attention to the elemental balance extremely accurate and important in astrology. It literally creates a sacred flow of symmetry that impacts our: emotional, mental, spiritual and physical well being. 
On the date of the Full Moon, we have the beneficial and lucky aspect of  transit Jupiter, the planet of: wisdom, luck and optimism meeting up with the transit Sun, the celestial body of: our life force, energy and vitality, both in the sign of Aquarius. The Sun conjunct Jupiter, which happens every year, will bring in expansion and fortune connected to our higher ideals, freedoms and dreams. This is a good day to set extra attention to our wishes as there will be a stroke of divine protection and blessings present.
The Full Moon in Leo itself will have some interesting square aspects with her other planetary buddies. This T- Square formulation is quite pivotal and dramatic but as with all square aspects, while there could be obstacles, there will also be the willpower and fortitude to rise up and be called into action. 
The first aspect will be a tense 90 degree square to Mars, the planet of: passion, anger and motivation, currently in the sign of Taurus. Mars in Taurus in battle with the Full Moon in Leo will add a stubborn streak of fixed principles and ideals. Think of a Bull and a Lion battling it out in nature. The second aspect will be another tense 90 degree square to Uranus, the planet of: surprises, shocks and the unconventional, who is also in the sign of Taurus. Uranus in Taurus in a battle with the Full Moon in Leo could lead to some shocking revelations around our emotions. A secret could come out to greet us. Another manifestation of this aspect could be a sudden urge to emotionally break free and persistently pursue another direction. Finally, the last aspect to the Full Moon in Leo will be an opposition with Jupiter, the planet of: luck, abundance and wisdom, who is currently in the sign of Aquarius.  Jupiter in Aquarius opposing the Full Moon in Leo will increase our desires and bring out a super flamboyant energy to our emotional states. Feelings of exuberance mixed with the need to explore the more progressive and independent sides of our personalities is what this aspect will bring forth. 
The Full Moon in Leo is here to have you honor your heart and to find your unique voice. In a time where there are still so many unknowns and lack of clarity, the Leo Full Moon wants you to drop down to your heart and listen closely. The heart is a divine channel to your deepest calling and purpose. Your heart is a safe haven of unconditional love and acceptance. When the world feels wacky and all over the shop, it is your heart that is centered, grounded and oh so brave. The Leo Full Moon wants you to get reconnected with its magic and love. She is here to bring forth: a culmination of your passions and drive, beautiful courage that is ready to shine brightly, and a devotion to following our soul's path with love and enlightenment. 
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