Full Moon in Aquarius- The Power of Sovereignty, Mental Epiphanies, Out of the Box Surprises...Oh My

Full Moon in Aquarius- The Power of Sovereignty, Mental Epiphanies, Out of the Box Surprises...Oh My


On July 23rd/24th, we have the first of two Full Moons in the unpredictable and eccentric sign of Aquarius. This first full moon falls at 1 degree and the second Full Moon in Aquarius happens at the 29th degree on August 22nd. Once in a blue moon opportunities and magic are in store for all this upcoming month! Full Moons bring up all the feels to the surface to be purged and acknowledged. They represent a time of endings, completions and divine manifestations. Aquarius, the 11th zodiac sign, deals with intellectual genius, innovation, independence and out of the box thinking. 


The Full Moon in Aquarius is here to allow our biggest wishes, dreams and goals to shine forth. Aquarius energy is anything but predictable and ordinary so many of these wishes, dreams and goals will manifest from out of the blue and with an unusual twist of delight. Aquarius, being an air sign, is normally quite detached and quite centered in the facilities of the mind and intellect. If you have been waiting to finally see the results of a business idea or an unorthodox invention, then La luna in the den of the water bearer is ready to help you manifest these into existence. 


While Aquarius energy can throw curveballs and unpredictable events into our lives, thanks to its modern ruler Uranus( the planet of surprises, the unusual and the unseen) the sign's other co-ruler ( and original ruling planet) is Saturn. Saturn is anything but unpredictable and kinky. Saturn is all about rules, regulations, hard work and achievement. This planetary pairing will be an interesting union of the untried mixed with the practical, the mad scientist mixed with the steadfast achiever and the freedom seeking individualist mixed with the conservative long term planner. While unpredictable and wild news and events could play out around the time of this Full Moon, Saturn's grounding co-ruling influence will also provide some much needed support and long term potential for our hopes, wishes and dreams. This governance of both planets will support both spontaneous brilliance mixed with solid structures connected to long term goals. Again, this is an excellent lunar cycle to put your thinking hat on and to envision, create, and manifest BIG and EXCITING plans mixed with solid planning and longevity. 


The Full Moon in Aquarius is here to have your freak flag fly and to empower you to think outside of your normal way of being. It takes guts and courage to step out of society's ideas of the norm. This Full Moon wants you to honor your sovereignty and to create from a space of the "unknown" and "untried". Many amazing and life changing inventions of all kinds could be created during these next 30 days. The key with this Full Moon in Aquarius will be around honoring the Sun in Leo's opposing energy of incorporating our heart into these brilliant plans and ideas. Aquarius as mentioned rules the mind so while we will be quite "up in our heads" there will still be a need to balance out these brainy vibes with heart centered warmth and awareness. With the mind and heart in harmony, miracles and magical events are sure to ensue. The Full Moon in Aquarius is here to manifest all of your wildest dreams and ideas, combine the unusual with the practical and to recognize the wisdom + brilliance within your heart and mind.

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Image: Christian Orrello

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