Blue Full Moon in Taurus- One in a Lifetime Opportunities, Surprise: Trick or Treat, Unexpected Shocks On Every Level

Blue Full Moon in Taurus- Surprises and Shocks Abound!!

On Halloween, October 31st, we have the Blue Full Moon at 8 degrees of Taurus. Full Moons are always highly emotional and potent with energy. They represent: endings, completions and manifestations. Taurus, the 2nd zodiac sign is all about: our resources, values and practicality.  
This Full Moon happens to be extra special because it is a Blue Moon. Blue Moons occur when we have 2 consecutive Full Moons in a 30 day period. This only happens every 3 years. Get ready for something magical and unexpected to happen!! These surprises could literally be from any area of your life. The hidden and suppressed is ready to rise to the surface. Shocks and curve balls will abound over the next 2 weeks. Hold on cause it's about to be a gnarly ride!!
The Blue Full Moon in Taurus is here to activate and stimulate our sense of self worth and self love. La Luna loves to be in Taurus, where she is exalted and super comfy. This powerful lunation could bring in financial rewards that will be quite unexpected and special. There is an awareness with this Full Moon around what we hold dear and what we are willing to tolerate. A grounding of love and prosperity is what this rare Full Moon is all about.
Being that Venus, the planet of: love, beauty and joy is the ruling planet of Taurus, there is a sense of security and pleasure that wants to come forth to be experienced. Major endings connected to our resources could be possible at this time, as well as major windfalls. There are many wake ups and shake ups at this time and for the next 2 weeks. 
The main reason for these wake ups is attributed to the Blue Full Moon's conjunction with retrograde Uranus, the planet of: surprises, shocks and enlightenment, who is also in the sign of Taurus. Retrograde Uranus in Taurus conjunct the Full Moon could literally jolt us like never before. Major downloads and sudden curve balls are going to happen. When you least expect it, something will be revealed and there is no going back. 
Uranus conjunct the Full Moon will lead to erratic and bizarre emotional reactions so stay on guard. It is 2020 so expecting the unexpected is something we've gotten used to. While Taurus is an earth sign, and therefore grounded and practical in nature, there is no stability and safety with Uranus's added influence. Over the next 2 weeks, many unbelievable occurrences are in store. Just when you thought 2020 was already too much to handle, brace yourself and try to remain as centered and calm as possible. 
The Blue Full Moon in Taurus is here to bring the unexpected and unbelievable to our lives. While this could be a sudden realization around who we are and what we deserve, there could also be numerous wake ups around our resources and stability. The lesson with this Full Moon is to go with the flow and not resist change and instability. What you resist will persist. There is an adaptability that is required at this time. A crisis of consciousness is upon us. These shocks and surprises aren't meant to cripple but rather to empower. 
Change and revolution is upon  us with this exalted Blue Full Moon. She wants us to remain as grounded as possible, even amongst chaos and unpredictability of our current world. The Blue Full Moon in Taurus is here to: wake us up to what and who we truly value, bring surprises and stirrups to our foundation, and to remind us that revolution and evolution isn't to be feared but to be embraced for our ultimate liberation and transformation.  
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