Lunar Eclipse in Libra- I vs We, Finding the Equilibrium Amongst the Chaos, You are Not Alone

Lunar Eclipse in Libra- I vs We, Finding the Equilibrium Amongst the Chaos, You are Not Alone


On March 25th, we have this year's first eclipse with a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse at 5 degrees of Libra. Lunar Eclipse's are full moon's on steroids and herald 10x the impact of a regular full moon. They represent HUGE endings, culminations and manifestations. The build up leading to a Lunar Eclipse can feel heavy and intense. Libra, the 7th zodiac sign, deals with equality, relationships, balance, peace and beauty. 

Eclipse time is often feared but honestly there is nothing to be concerned about in regards to these potential shake ups and surprises. Eclipse cycles do bring in change and transformation but this is the natural law of the universe. Nothing can remain the same. Eclipse energy is about revealing what has been hidden or underneath brewing in the background for some time. Any shocks or crisis-like situations that occur were somehow "meant" to happen for the evolution and growth of the individual or society. If you resist these changes, that is when shit really hits the fan. Surrendering to what is and allowing what will be is the most productive ( and less painful) way to deal with eclipse energy. As I always say, "the only way out is through".

The Lunar Eclipse in Libra is here to bring some kind of culmination or manifestation around how we relate to others. Libra is the sign that rules all forms of committed partnerships. Some folks could be ending long term commitments now while others could be deepening such bonds. The Sun in Aries opposing this Eclipse is asking us to find the balance between the self vs the interests of others. This alone can be a tricky equation to work out. This Lunar Eclipse will ask that we come to some form of a compromise in what we are willing to give or sacrifice in our relationships and how much we still retain our independence even within the union. I suspect major deals between various countries and corporations will happen around the time of this eclipse. Also, we could see the severance of such contracts as well. Keeping the peace within partnerships while still retaining a level of autonomy will be the true goal of this eclipse. 

The Lunar Eclipse in Libra will be making a conjunction to the South Node, which is an elliptical point of karma, release, the past, which lies on the moon's nodal axis. The Lunar Eclipse joining with the South Node could have us running down memory lane in regards to our relationships. Some old connections could pop back up but the main influence will be our old patterns connected to such relationships. This aspect encourages us to let go of old patterns connected to co-dependence and or people pleasing tendencies. Finding a way to compromise is noble but it's not noble to be a doormat for someone else's unresolved trauma. We will get super clear during this time what patterns need to be let go of in order to create a truly healthy and thriving partnership. 

For folks with their Sun, Moon or Ascendant signs on or close to 5 degrees of Libra or the other Cardinal signs of: Aries, Cancer and Capricorn, expect to see the biggest changes from this eclipse. Huge and life changing switch ups will be quite common. The closer in degree of your personal planets to that 5 degree mark, the more dramatic these shifts will be. Expect to see big surprises with your own physical well being, family life, relationships and career. These changes could play out for another 6 months to a year. For everyone else, check where 5 degrees of Libra falls in your natal chart to see where these big relationship shifts will be happening. I will of course be doing a special Extended sign horoscope on my Patreon page if you would like a personalized forecast for your sign. I offer tips and guidance with these forecasts and they are special + impactful( link to join Patreon is below).

The Lunar Eclipse in Libra is here to bring forth massive realizations and truths connected to how we operate within our connections. As mentioned above, some of these relationship patterns will need to be let go now. If we have encountered any co-dependent behaviors, the universe is asking that we release the need to attach ourselves to unhealthy patterns of the past. It is time to compromise from a place of harmony vs. the need to always please others. This Lunar Eclipse wants us to manifest the type of union that our heart deserves and it is asking that we be patient + aware. If relationship dynamics break down now, trust that this isn't happening to you rather for you. Eclipse energy is wise if we surrender to its lessons and eventual blessings. The Lunar Eclipse in Libra is here to bring forth the illumination of what true + healthy connections look like, the end of any unhealthy relationship dynamics and the beauty that coexistence can bring into our lives.

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