August 2021- Once In A Blue Moon Opportunities, Heart Activation + Mental Acuity, Learning to Calm the Spirit + Quiet the Senses

August 2021- Once In A Blue Moon Opportunities, Heart Activation + Mental Acuity, Learning to Calm the Spirit + Quiet the Senses



Welcome to August 2021! Congratulations beautiful souls!! You have now made it the 8th month in this wild ride of a year. Everything seems to be moving at a super fast pace now. Almost at warp speed. You could be feeling quite overwhelmed and at the same time there is an opportunity to drop back down to the earth for grounding and support. In a world of chaos, this month is urging you to find your center and connect to your heart and soul. This is an individual journey but so imperative when the energy feels all over the place.

August 2021 is an interesting mix of mainly the earth, air and fire elements. Lots of hot dusty inspiration. Sounds sexy huh, lol? The missing element is of course water. I always mention the elemental balance as an important reminder when looking to the cosmos for guidance and direction. With water lacking this month, I recommend immersing yourself in as much H2O as possible. Sipping it, bathing in it, playing in it and letting it cleanse your entire being will help to balance out the abundance of earth, air and fire. Letting the fluidity of its essence enrapture your being will offer another level of support and soothing presence.

August 2021 wants you to find the sacred balance of the heart and the mind. We could be super fired up and at the same time super critical and hyper aware. Again, this is where the calming and cool element of water can help with thoughts of overwhelm and fits of excitement. Finding this sacred balance of each element is key in finding equilibrium within the ecosystem of our busy and crazy lives.

August 2021 wants you to go inward and to reclaim your lost spark of inspiration, along with your curiosity and wondrous nature. Adding a dose of compassion and nourishment is advised by spirit. Beginning first with the self and then extending outward to the world. Filling up your own vessel before assisting another is another big theme of the month ahead.

Let's start at the beginning of the month which begins with a bright light of heart activation and promise.

On August 8th, we have the glorious and beautiful New Moon at 16 degrees of Leo. New moons are a time to wipe the slate clean and to start a new, take on a new project, feeling and way of being. Leo, the 5th zodiac sign is known to represent the child, the creative, the leader and the one who honors one's heart and creativity. The New Moon in Leo wants to bring you back to your heart with a light hearted and child-like presence. Spirit is advising a coming back home to our innocence with this tender new moon. This is a wonderful time to honor your creativity and artistic genius and to play, create and find joy in the simplest pleasures. Since Leo rules the heart, our ability to connect to the heart's wisdom and sacred guidance will be key. Many could find the missing piece of inspiration that might have been lacking for quite some time. Being fully self expressed and confident is another amazing manifestation of this new moon. Letting the world and those around you hear your ROWR will be another noticeable theme to La Luna in the lion's den. This is a great new moon to finally create that blog, painting, or any other heart inspired creation that lights you up and that re-ignites your passion and purpose.

On August 11th, Venus, the planet of love, beauty, pleasure and joy who is currently in the earthy and grounded sign of Virgo, makes a lovely and supportive trine( 120 degree aspect) to retrograde Pluto, the planet of power, intensity and transformation, who is also in the earthy and grounded sign of Capricorn. Venus in Virgo trine Pluto in Capricorn is a lucky aspect for anything having to do with tangible abundance and sustainability. We could again feel a surge of passion and sexiness but instead of from a place of heat, this rush of emotions will be very centered in reality and the 3D existence. This is an excellent influence to learn more about your passions and interest in not only money making opportunities but also the ecstasy of the mind and the power of intention. For anyone involved in investments connected to minerals, land or even plant based therapies, this is a particularly powerful transit. Passion mixed with practicality and power will be the theme when these two meet up.

Moving beyond the middle of the month on August 22nd, we have the uber impressive and abundant Full Moon at 29 degrees of Aquarius. This is the 2nd full moon in Aquarius in a 30 day period, making it of course a Blue Moon. They herald heightened emotions and manifestation abilities on fleek! Magical and mystical events could also be noticed at this time. Full moons always represent a time of completions, endings and culminations. Aquarius, the 11th zodiac sign, is known to be the mad scientist, the intellectual genius, the detached humanitarian and the futuristic pioneer of the zodiac. This full moon also happens to be uber lucky due to its conjunction with retrograde Jupiter, the planet of abundance, expansion and success, who is also now back in Aquarius. The Full Moon in Aquarius is here to activate our mind and to produce many amazing and brilliant works of creativity. Being that this is the 2nd Full Moon in Aquarius, there is going to be an extra unique and perhaps wacky energy to La Luna at this time. Whatever you began in February 2021( when there was the New Moon in Aquarius) will now begin to bear fruit. Since Aquarius rules the mind and invention, this Full Moon could produce a streak of absolute brilliance along with some wacky and wild situations. With Aquarius you never quite know. The Full Moon conjunct retrograde Jupiter could bring back an old opportunity from the past but will have a new lense of perspective and promise. Many sudden and unexpected windfalls of luck and miracles could happen at this time.

On August 23rd, the Sun, which represents our ego, life force and vitality leaves the fire sign of Leo, and moves into the grounded and critical earth sign of Virgo. Virgo, the 6th zodiac sign deals with practicality, the intellect, cleanliness and health + well being. The Sun in Virgo wants us to ground ourselves but at the same time to become aware and alert within our environment. Virgo always gets pinned as "uber critical" and " a detail freak" and while the sign is very focused and painstakingly present, one of Virgo's greatest gifts is their ability to come back to the basics and to honor the simplicity of mother nature. That is why Virgo falls in the time of harvest season. They understand the "value of value" and the essence of coming back to the natural order of the body, mind and spirit.

Finally on August 26th, we have the meetup of Mercury, the planet of the mind, communication and contracts in his exalted sign of Virgo with retrograde Pluto, the planet of power, transformation and regeneration in the sign of Capricorn. Mercury in a lovely trine to retrograde Pluto within the earth element will produce a brilliance for money making opportunities and an ease within figuring out complex issues around control and power. Both of these placements suggest a lot of practicality mixed with a passion for success and achievement. This is an excellent time to invest in money making opportunities that are practical and deal with long term returns. No pie in the sky antics when these two meetup. Many folks could have super intense realizations and conversations as well. Transformation that is grounded and rooted in reality will be evident with this transit.

August 2021 is a month of a lot of movement, inspiration and mental acuity. While we could be on the go a lot more than usual this month, my original message of slowing down and going with the flow still applies. The essence of healing water to help us through these wild times we are living in will be important. You could burn yourself out this month so making sure to relax and slow down will be imperative. Chillaxing in any way possible is advised.  While play and productivity are beautiful and encouraging, spirit and the cosmos want us to practice peaceful presence mixed with being in the flow of compassion and grace. August 2021 doesn't want to dim your shine or grind but to want to encourage the sacred balance of surrender and quiet tenderness. August 2021 is here to encourage your heart to be open with playful innocence, tap you into the power of your mind with practical planning and perseverance and to help your realize that tough times don't last but tough people do!

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Image: Summer by SandraWinther via DeviantArt

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