Empowering and Enhancing Your Masculine Side - An Astrological Perspective

Empowering and Enhancing Your Masculine Side - An Astrological Perspective
Hey Astromomma fam! I wanted to write a special article today on how to enhance and empower your masculine side, according to astrology.  We each have feminine and masculine energies within us, just as there are feminine and masculine signs within astrology. When looking at the masculine side of someone, astrologers often look to the Mars and Jupiter signs to describe those qualities. Mars in astrology represents: the warrior, competition, aggression and will power. Jupiter in astrology represents: philosophy, higher perspective, wisdom and luck. Each planet plays an instinctive need in how one expresses their masculine: ideals, preferences and comforts. If ones Mars and Jupiter signs are in conflicting energies to one another, there can be an uneasiness or lack of assurance within their own masculine energy. Let me give an example from my own life. Once I learned how to work with the contrasting energies of my Mars and Jupiter signs, my ability to: produce goals, set healthy boundaries and initiate action became easy and effortless. 
My Mars is in Pisces and my Jupiter is in Sagittarius. Growing up, I had a real struggle with embracing the need to express unconditional love and closeness in relationships( Mars in Pisces) while also remaining playful and free( Jupiter in Sagittarius). Mars, the warrior planet, is quite uneasy in the feminine sign of Pisces and expresses his masculinity through: sacrifice, compassion and unconditional devotion. Jupiter is at home in the sign of Sagittarius making him very powerful and he expresses his masculinity through: freedom to roam, fiery inspiration and a carefree attitude.  
You can see how the two could really clash in expressing my masculinity. One moment, I wanted to be very emotionally attached and the next very free to do me without any restrictions. Once I learned that both my Mars and Jupiter signs had separate desires and needs, I began to recognize and respect both sides without feeling conflicted or just down right crazy, lol. Embracing and enhancing my masculinity became simple when I balanced out the two energies. Masculinity felt best when I acknowledged my need for unconditional love and service(Mars in Pisces) while at the same time my need for expansion and freedom(Jupiter in Sagittarius). I now blend these two different energies to work for me to express my masculinity instead of working against me.
I hope you enjoyed this article on empowering and enhancing your masculine side, according to your Mars and Jupiter signs. I have found it very powerful when working with clients, especially if they have very different and contrasting signs for their Mars and Jupiter placements. Your masculine planets working in harmony help you to feel driven to accomplish and at the same time, increase your ability to: protect, provide and feel secure. I have created an extended Patreon article, explaining each Mars and Jupiter sign and how to empower and embrace each one. To access Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/astromomma. To join Patreon, there is either a $4 or $6 per month contribution, which gives you access to these special articles along with generous discounts on my readings and offerings. 
Image: Christy Grandjean