April 2022- The Wildest, Most Life Changing Month...EVER, Eclipse Time Baby, The Veil Is Thin + Listening

April 2022- The Wildest, Most Life Changing Month...EVER, Eclipse Time Baby, The Veil Is Thin + Listening


Welcome to April 2022! Congratulations, you have made it to the 4th month of this ever changing and at times unbelievable year! How the h*** is it already April?!? 

Brace yourself my loves. This month is going to be unlike any we will have all year, if not ever. It is that EPIC and more changes and transformations are sure to be in store. This will be a loooonnnnngggggg monthly forecast so get ready!! 

April 2022 is unique and life altering for many reasons. The first is the unusual aspect of Jupiter meeting up with Neptune in the sign of Pisces which hasn't happened in 166 years! Talk about a once in a lifetime aspect. The second reason (and not the final) this month will be so charged is we are now moving into Eclipse season. Eclipse season is where the storyline of our lives switches up with little to no warning. Eclipses themselves aren't bad or good. Really no aspect in astrology is truth be told. Eclipses bring in surprises, life changing events and unexpected occurrences.

The key with eclipses is to not fight these switch ups but rather to embrace them and surrender. Resistance is futile when evolution and revolution of consciousness are involved. Being extra gentle and patient with yourself and others will be difficult this month but as always necessary. Many folks' lives will be rocked this month( and next as we have a Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio on May 15th) so keep that in mind. Proactive vs. Reactive should be everyone's mantra these next couple of months. 

We begin the month with a build up of planetary pressure with the malefic planets, so that is where I will begin. 

On April 4th, Mars, the planet of aggression, hostility and action meets up with Saturn, the planet of restrictions, obligations and hard work at the 21st degree of Aquarius. When the two malefic planets meet up with one another expect some challenges, tension and an overall sense of heaviness. Mars conjunct Saturn in Aquarius is going to bring up issues connected to our anger, frustrations and exhaustion around our sense of freedom and individualism. Being that they are both in the sign of Aquarius, the freedom bearer, the intellectual, the genius, the mad scientist( lol) these hostilities could prove to be off the wall, unusual or just plain wacky. If you can please keep your cool on and around April 4th( I would say 3 days on each side of this exact aspect could be impacted). The higher vibration of this aspect is the ability to be a brilliant problem solver around what we are committed to around such ideals of freedom, invention and enterprise. Be mindful of how you speak to others with this aspect as you could see some radical pop offs happening out of the blue. If you happen to have personal planets( the Sun, Moon and Ascendant) at 21 degrees of Aquarius or within a few degrees, you will be most impacted so make sure to be extra mindful of any anger or hostility that might come up now. For others, check where 21 degrees of Aquarius falls in your natal chart to see where these explosive and at times challenging circumstances could play out in your life.  

On April 12th, we have the once in a lifetime aspect of Jupiter, the planet of abundance, optimism, and expansion who will meet up with Neptune, the planet of idealism, spirituality and the ethereal realm both at the 23 degree of Pisces. This dreamy and idealistic aspect of Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces is so rare that it hasn't happened since 1856. Not only is it rare for outer planets to meet up in general, but due to the fact that Jupiter and Neptune are the former and modern day rulers of Pisces, makes this aspect super powerful and potent.  Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Pisces will bring forth an expansion of spiritual devotion, unconditional love, artistic brilliance and a huge dose of Uber sensitivity + compassion. There is a chance with this aspect to become closer to the divine and our ancestors at a whole new ethereal level. The lower energy of this aspect can involve the expansion of escapism, over use of drugs + alcohol, paranoia, floods( Neptune rules the oceans), chemical/gas explosions and deceit. Quite a contradiction, I know, lol. With Pisces energy anything and everything can take place. This will certainly be an amazing aspect for music and the arts, so expect some amazing creations within both sectors to be released at this time. If you happen to have personal planets (the Sun, Moon or Ascendant) at 23 degrees of Pisces or within a few degrees, you will be most impacted by this incredible transit. A lucid and dream-like presence could be noticed all month. Make sure to stay as grounded and aware as possible, which could be tricky with this expansive overflow of mutable energy. For others, check where 23 degrees of Pisces falls in your natal chart to see where there will be unbelievable levels of compassion, empathy and sensitivity the opposite( could be possible) in your life.

Moving on to the middle of the month, on...

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