Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius- Authenticity is Louder Than Fear, The Truth Can't Be Hidden, Shooting Your Shot Towards Victory + Liberation

Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius- Authenticity is Louder Than Fear, The Truth Can't Be Hidden, Shooting Your Shot Towards Victory + Liberation


On December 4th, we have the powerful and life changing Total Solar Eclipse at 12 degrees of Sagittarius. Solar Eclipses are new moons on steroids! They are uber charged with the energy of massive new starts, beginnings and the slate being completely wiped clean. Eclipses always "course correct" events and situations into our lives or out of our lives. These occurrences could bring in surprises and shake ups. You never know with eclipses so my advice is to allow and accept these shifts with grace and strength. Sagittarius, the 9th zodiac sign deals with higher knowledge, truth, beliefs, travel and adventure. 

The Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius is here to bring up the courage and fortitude to face major and unavoidable truths. If there is one sign that can't bear to BS it is a blunt and to the point Sagittarius. Expect to see some major truth bombs expose what is hidden and in a HUGE way. If you have been living your life with authenticity and purpose these sudden revelations won't be as difficult to handle. On the other hand, if you have been unwilling to face a certain person, situation or event in your life with utmost honesty, this eclipse could come with BANG! Since this is a New Moon, whatever is exposed or brought to light will bring in a chance to begin again and start anew. Sagittarius energy being a fire sign is about inspiration, adventure and travel. Some folks could finally feel the calling to stand up for a cause, business or personal endeavor that calls their soul forth with passion and excitement. 

Folks who have their Sun, Moon or Ascendant signs in Sagittarius( especially  if it is close to the 12th degree) or their IC-4th house cusp, DC- 7th house cusp, or MC- 10th house cusp here will be in for the biggest transformations and shake ups. For everyone else, wherever 12 degrees of Sagittarius falls in your natal chart is where you are sure to have to face truths and to find the inspiration and courage to go after what your heart truly desires. Eclipses just like the name implies can literally "eclipse" people, situations or events out of your life. If this happens, this is the universe's way of aligning you towards a more authentic and destined path. Surrendering to what is so and keeping yourself grounded will be essential, although somewhat tricky with this charged energy. If you cannot be honest with yourself, who the hell can you truly be honest with? Getting clear and being willing to face the truth at times can be painful but necessary. Think back to what was happening in your life around December 4th, 2002. That was the last time we had a Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius. If you can remember that far back, you might receive clues to what this upcoming eclipse could manifest in your life.

The Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius is here to propel you to new heights of faith and perseverance. No other sign is as optimistic and future seeking as a lovely Archer. This optimism though can only get you so far. The other side of the coin as mentioned is around being authentically aligned with your path and purpose. This isn't created by sunshine and rainbows alone. This is created by taking a stand and by holding yourself accountable, even when you don't feel like it. I have had to personally face this when creating Astromomma. It takes a lot to pursue a dream but this Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius wants you to regain your faith in life and in yourself. With faith and belief in the impossible, anything and everything is possible. The Total Solar Eclipse in the sign of the archer is here to have you stand up for the whole truth and nothing but the truth, propel you to higher levels along your chosen path and to create the space for infinite possibilities and magic to exist and thrive. 

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