Total Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio- The Only Way "Out" is Through, Intense Total Transformation, The Skeletons of the Past Come Back

Total Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio- The Only Way "Out" is Through, Intense Total Transformation, The Skeletons of the Past Come Back

Total Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio- The Only Way "Out" is Through, Intense Total Transformation, The Skeletons of the Past Come Back 

On May 15/16th, we have the massive and life changing Total Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio. Lunar Eclipses are full moons on steroids. They bring in unavoidable and unpredictable energies connected to endings, culminations and manifestations. You never know what to expect from eclipses, other than surprises and shake ups. Scorpio, the 8th zodiac sign deals with shared resources, fears, death/rebirth, power, sexuality and intensity.  

Eclipses are often feared but honestly, they are "course correctors". Left to our own devices, human beings often seek comfort and what is known to anything outside of the box of our understanding. Eclipses seem to threaten that comfort and security with jarring events and situations. They do this to wake us up and to transform our lives. They create situations and circumstances that demand we get brutally raw, honest and aware. They are sent to create massive shifts of consciousness and evolution of what is possible in our lives as we step into the unknown.  

The Total Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio, or blood moon as it is often called, is here to bring culmination and awareness to the darkest, most primitive sides of our lives. Scorpio energy is often feared and rarely understood. The reason most folks fear Scorpio's energy is shadow work and going deep within our traumas are not easy tasks to do. This is what makes Scorpio so resilient and a no BS type of energy. They don't play around. They get to the heart of every matter and strip away all of the facade and frills and demand the most authentic and raw truth possible. 

This Total Lunar eclipse in Scorpio will bring up our traumas and phobias to be transformed to epic levels of understanding and compassion. This won't be easy or fun. This process will be deeply emotional and cathartic. I can't sit here and write that confronting our deepest wounding and traumas will be sunshine and roses. It won't. I am an 8th house moon person myself, so trust me, this is my reality on the regular. I will say though that through this deep dive analysis, we will gain the power to completely alter what we thought our inner power and tenacity looked like. This eclipse will have you shed away a layer of complacency in order to make room for authenticity and strength. This isn't a joy ride. This is real life. 

This Total Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio will keep it real as possible. For confronting the deepest aspect of our pain, the universe promises retribution. The phoenix shall rise once more. As with anything Scorpio, you can't keep these folks down for long. Their ability to die many deaths( sometimes in the course of one day) and come back stronger than ever, is why they hold such immense power and determination.

The last time we had a Total Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio( close to the degree of this eclipse) was on May 16, 2003. You might want to look back to that time to see what was happening in your life and what events could re-emerge. For those folks whose Sun, Moon and Ascendant signs are 3 +/- degrees from 26 degrees of Scorpio, you will be most impacted by this eclipse. Expect deep and unavoidable changes that could last anywhere from 6 months- 1 year from the date of the eclipse. Anyone who has their Sun, Moon or Ascendant in the other fixed signs( Taurus, Leo, Aquarius) 3 +/- degrees from 26 degrees will also experience a lot of shifts and unexpected situations. For everyone else, check where 26 degrees of Scorpio falls in your natal chart to see where intense culmination of events + occurrences will take place. This eclipse will ask you to go deep into your hidden traumas with compassion and forgiveness.

The Total Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio is here to have us face the unknown and darkest aspects of our existence with reverence and understanding. There is a lot of dark shit happening in the world at the moment. We too must also be honest about our shadow side and the awareness and insights that it brings into our lives. The light cannot exist without the darkness. In order to transform our world on a global level, we are being asked with this eclipse to make peace with our own darkness. 

This Total Lunar Eclipse will be raw and relentless for those who wish to hide and pretend. This eclipse wants the truth and nothing but the truth. Secrets of many kinds will come to the surface now. We are being asked to bare our souls and this could be very painful and emotional. What is on the other side of this revelation and confrontation is massive healing and light. The only way "out" is through. The Total Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio is here to shed any unwanted baggage and complacency around our deepest fears, have us access a whole new level of power and tenacity and create a total transformation of understanding and awareness within our lives. 

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