The Year of 2021- Radical Adjustments Around Values, Cleansing of the Soul +, Renewed Faith, Astromomma's 2021 Written Horoscopes

The Year of 2021- Radical Adjustments Around Values, Cleansing of the Soul +, Renewed Faith, Astromomma's 2021 Written Horoscopes

Welcome to 2021 my loves! After a trying and tumultuous year, we are all ready to move ahead to greener pastures. The year of 2021, while still intense, will feel like a breath of fresh air compared to 2020. The lessons we learned this past year will serve us well for what is in store for the year ahead. A wave of hope, faith and optimism is what this next year is all about... get ready to shed your skin and to find new ways to express your heart's desires. 


One of the biggest aspects of 2021, will be the tense 90-degree square between, Saturn, the planet of: tests, obligations and karma, who is in the sign of Aquarius and Uranus, the planet of: surprises, innovation and independence, who is in the sign of Taurus. The last time in history Saturn was in a square aspect to Uranus was in July 1999- May 2000. However, the aspect was reversed with Saturn in Taurus in a square to Uranus in Aquarius. When these two planets square one another there is always massive economic and world-wide change. Saturn in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus will be a wakeup call to find innovative solutions to old systems and to break free of anything holding back our truth and deepest values. 


Being that this is a square, which calls for action, will prompt many sudden awakenings connected to humanity feeling repressed and our internal call for freedom connected to our resources. I see this playing out in many ways. The first will likely be around the distribution of the Covid 19 vaccine and the many facets of getting it out to the public + the rise of many folks rejecting to take it. The second would be around potential cyber security issues, as Aquarius rules technology and Uranus represents disturbances. Saturn in Aquarius in a tense battle with Uranus in Taurus will cause friction but also a massive streak of brilliance connected to new inventions, particularly with in: agriculture, crypto currencies and telecommunications. 


Due to this massive year before us, I decided to create my exclusive 2021 written horoscopes. I spent a lot of time creating these and channeled some of the most amazing messages of my astrological career.  I wanted these horoscopes to be affordable and to provide: clear, honest and inspirational messages for the year ahead. 


In alignment with the Aquarius Age, I decided to partner with the amazing, is a charity committed to providing valuable resources to refugees, in particular refugee mothers. For every sale of the 2021 written horoscopes, I will donate a $1 to this amazing organization. Part of my vision for Astromomma is to create a positive impact for all people and I felt like this was a great way to give back. These 2021 written horoscopes are displayed on an easy to read to PDF and can be sent to your family, friends and loved ones. At the end of January 2021, I will create a separate post to let you all know how much money was raised to I am so excited to share these all with you! 


Thank you for your continued love and support this past year! I know it has not been an easy year and your contribution has been so appreciated! If it was not for your generosity, Astromomma might have had to shut down. Thank you again for your love and support! Happy New Year to each of you… stay safe and have fun!!


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