The Astrological Transits of Volodymyr Zelenskyy- Saturn’s 30 Year Transit…Protection At All Costs to His Homeland, Old Fears Being Brought to the Surface, A Man of Heart + Honor

The Astrological Transits of Volodymyr Zelenskyy- Saturn’s 30 Year Transit…Protection At All Costs to His Homeland, Old Fears Being Brought to the Surface, A Man of Heart + Honor


Hey Astromomma fam! Recently, I conducted the astrological analyses involving the natal chart and transits of the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin.


With everything happening currently in Russia + Ukraine, I thought something BIG had to be going on with the astrological charts/transits for both leaders of each country. Boy was I spot on!


I thought it would make sense to now do the natal chart/transits of Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the President of Ukraine as well. What I saw was again quite spectacular and relevant to what is currently happening.


Now, before I go into my astrological analysis of Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s birth chart + transits, I want to put a disclaimer out there. For anyone who has followed me for a while knows I don't mention politics and, I rarely mention current/future world events specifically. This is NOT a political post but an astrological perspective on what I see currently happening and in the future. I am all for free speech in the comments but please keep it respectful and kind.

Unfortunately, in my last post on Putin, I had to remove a few folks from my page. I may or may not do more world leaders astrology charts/transits. I have been asked by many of you ( appreciate your support) but honestly I don’t want to be known as a “political” astrologer. I am simply here to observe the astrological relevance of current events and the folks involved. I appreciate your understanding. Finally, I pray for Ukraine and its people as I have friends and followers of my page that live there. May we have peace in this world. After the last couple of years specifically, we all need a break.


Volodymyr Zelenskyy was born on January 25, 1978 in Kryvyi Rih, Ukraine. He has his Sun in Aquarius, Moon in Leo and his Ascendant in Gemini. He is someone who is all about being different, free and innovative with the Sun in Aquarius, very animated and dramatic with the Moon in Leo( he was a former comedian/actor) and very intelligent, witty and communicative with his Ascendant in Gemini. Zelenskyy has his Moon in Leo in the 4th house of home, family and roots so he is deeply protective and pridefully emotionally ( the Moon) about his homeland, family and the people of Ukraine(4th house). 


Interesting enough, if you followed my previous article with Putin, Zelenskyy happens to have his Moon at 17 degrees of Leo right on Putin’s South Node at 18 degrees of Leo. There is some kind of emotional karma to play out between these two. The South Node is all about letting go, release and surrender. The Moon is all about home, feelings, and emotions. With Putin’s SN in Leo in his 10th house of power, prestige and authority conjunct Zelenskyy’s Moon in Leo in his 4th house of home, family and ancestry, Putin literally wants to take back, enforce the letting go process around Zelenskyy’s home land. If you are open to idea of past lives, these two have history around these themes. Even if you aren’t open to the idea of past lives, there is some serious karma playing out with the South Node and Moon of each leader being tied to one another.


Now let’s further unpack Zelenskyy’s natal chart with the current/future transits. Transit Saturn in Aquarius is at play, as he was with Putin’s analysis. You see the 30 year return of transit Saturn ties into what both of them went through 30 or so years ago with the dismantle of the USSR ( it takes Saturn 30 years to transit the whole zodiac). 



In the sky right now, we have transit Saturn at 18 degrees of Aquarius. Saturn is of course all about order, structures, hard work, obligations, and karma. Transit Saturn in Aquarius is now opposing (180 degree aspect) to Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s natal Moon at 18 degrees of Leo in the 4th house. Transit Saturn opposing someone’s natal Moon will bring about the hardships, responsibility and obligations connected to one’s emotions, feelings and family/people. The 4th house of course is the place of our home and roots. 


Currently transit Saturn at 18 degrees of Aquarius is opposing Zelenskyy’s Moon at 17 degree of Leo. With this transit, Zelenskyy’s is being called to protect (Saturn) with control and authority over his homeland (4th house cusp). With Zelenskyy having his natal Moon in Leo he is naturally very strong and he takes a tremendous amount of pride in his homeland and the people he governs. While this transit can be extremely difficult and maybe even lonely emotionally, it will give him the strength and willpower to overcome any challenging emotional situations. As one could imagine, this would have to be one of the most emotionally difficult situations he has faced in his young life. Also, transit Saturn opposing the natal Moon can also indicate isolation which of course is what he is having to do to protect his life and his family’s( his family is away from him hiding in protection). Since transit Saturn is making this exact opposition to his natal Moon as I write this article, it is most impactful at the present moment.


This aspect of transit Saturn in Aquarius will be exact as we get into early- mid March but this will be playing out till Oct 2022 as Saturn will retrograde in early summer and pass over this 18-degree Aquarius point again. 


As with Putin’s future transits, it gets crazier for future the transits for Zelenskyy as well, so I continue...

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Image: Volodymyr Zelenskyy by GaryckArntzen via DeviantArt

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