The Astrological Transits of Vladimir Putin- A 30 Year Aspect Returns Again, Control + Power of the Motherland, By Any Means. The More Radical the Better

The Astrological Transits of Vladimir Putin- A 30 Year Aspect Returns Again, Control + Power of the Motherland, By Any Means. The More Radical the Better



Hey Astromomma fam! I haven't done one of these astrological analyses in a while so I thought I would explore something that I found extremely fascinating involving the natal chart and transits of the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin's astrological chart. 


With everything happening currently in Russia + Ukraine, I thought something BIG had to be going on in Putin's birth chart/transits and boy was I spot on! It is so obvious that I almost couldn't believe what I saw. 


Now, before I go into my astrological analysis of Vladimir Putin's birth chart + transits, I want to put a disclaimer out there. For anyone who has followed me for a while knows I don't mention politics and, I rarely mention current/future world events specifically. This is not a political post but an astrological perspective on what I see currently happening and in the future. I am all for free speech in the comments but please keep it respectful and kind. Appreciate your understanding. 


Vladmir Putin was born on October 7, 1952, in St. Petersburg, Russia. He has his Sun in Libra, Moon in Gemini, and Ascendant in Scorpio. Air is the dominant element in his chart, and this shows someone who is extremely witty, intelligent, and calculated within their thinking + communication style. Vladmir Putin also has his natal North Node at 18 degrees of Aquarius sitting right on his IC/4th house cusp. Not only that, but he has his natal South Node at 18 degrees of Leo, right next to his natal Pluto in Leo on the MC. 


Let's unpack this and I will explain why this is so significant with the current transits. 


The North and South Nodes in astrology are karmic and fated points that sit on the moon's elliptical axis. I like to think of them in terms of a dragon, so bear with me as I explain. The North node is the mouth of the dragon which likes to eat, conquer, and feel powerful. The South node is the tail of the dragon which likes to excrete (you know what lol) and is where we literally release, let go and surrender. When you have your Nodes on one of the 4 angles of your birth chart (the AC, IC, DC, MC) there is an extremely fated and destined path involving: AC=your physical body, IC=homeland, family, roots, DC= committed relationships, and MC= your destiny, public image, career. Pluto is the planet of control, power, and death/rebirth. The sign of Leo represents leadership, pride, and acknowledgement. The sign of Aquarius represents freedom, the individual, radical acts, and the future. 


In the sky right now, we have transit Saturn at 17 degrees of Aquarius. He will be moving over to 18 degrees tomorrow as I release this article. Saturn in astrology represents the past, structures, control, and authority. Transit Saturn in Aquarius is now reaching Vladimir Putin's natal North Node at 18 degrees of Aquarius on his IC/4th house cusp. Transit Saturn on someone's NN will bring about the need for order, past based tactics, and control of one's destiny. The IC/4th house of course is the place of our home and roots. 


With this transit, Putin is being called to protect the past (Saturn) with control and authority over what he thinks is his homeland (4th house cusp). On top of transit Saturn in Aquarius being close to his natal NN in Aquarius, transit Saturn is also making an opposition to his natal South Node in Leo/Pluto in Leo on his 10th house cusp. This tense aspect suggests he could feel protective of his public image, power and in general like he might lose it all with the South Node being aspected. In addition, transit Saturn in Aquarius is also squaring (tense 90-degree aspect) to his Descendant which is in Taurus. Transit Saturn squaring the natal Descendant, which is the point of contracts and relationships, means he does not want to negotiate or cater to anyone's wishes. I hope I have not lost you yet.!


This is an incredible demonstration of the power of observing astrological transits and real time events. This aspect of transit Saturn in Aquarius will be exact as we get into early- mid March but this will be playing out till Oct 2022 as Saturn will retrograde in early summer and pass over this 18-degree Aquarius point again. 


It gets crazier with the transits, so I continue, lol. It takes transit Saturn 2.5 years to go through a sign and 30 years to make a whole orbit around the entire zodiac. So, this aspect was happening for the world and Putin 30 years ago. What was happening 30 or so years ago you ask? Well, none other than the...

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Image: Putin by Shepard Fairey, Time Magazine, 2007


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