Thank You, Thank You, Thank You Astromomma Fam- Your Generosity Is So Appreciated, The Ripple Effect of Love + Contribution

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You Astromomma Fam- Your Generosity Is So Appreciated, The Ripple Effect of Love + Contribution

Hey Astromomma Fam! As promised, I am here today to say a HUGE thank you for all your generosity and support with purchasing my 2021 Written Horoscopes. I have been blown away by you all, thank you! Not only have you helped my business, but you have also donated $350 USD to the wonderful! Because of you all there are now mothers who can provide diapers, bottles and other critical resources to their families. You have done this my loves! Your generous and giving heart has provided relief to those who need it most! I am so touched and inspired by you all. 


A little backstory for you all who have not read my previous posts. At the end of 2020, I decided that for the year ahead I wanted Astromomma to have a greater impact on the world. I wanted to give back in a more tangible way. I was then introduced to the wonderful organization, rescue. org by a good friend of mine. Rescue.Org provides valuable and critical resources to refugees all around the world. I was so touched by this organization's commitment to helping those in need that I decided I too wanted to help them in their efforts.  I wanted to help out's commitment to mother's who need supplies for their newborn babies.


Because of your purchases of my 2021 Written Horoscopes, 22 mothers can now sleep more soundly knowing they have supplies for their babies. For some this might not seem like a big deal but it in fact truly is! Your donations made this happen!  This is the ripple effect of love and support that when I created this page almost 4 years ago, I had no idea that I would even be moved into this direction. I am so happy that I listened to my intuition and trusted its guidance. 


Since I am acknowledging folks, I would like to personally thank one of my lovely followers who is now my brilliant business partner and friend, @Paris Young with Pascal Satori! Paris was so key in helping me not only design these wonderful 2021 Written Horoscopes, but she also motivated me to try something new. She is a digital marketing/branding genius who is based in Melbourne, Australia but works with clients all around the world. I met Paris through Astromomma and it has been such a beautiful and fun journey to work beside someone who is not only a wonderful person and supporter of my work but who is also my biggest champion and motivator! If you all need assistance and leverage with your business or concept, I would highly recommend her.  I will leave her information below this article. She does not even know that I decided to share about her and her business (thank you babe xo). 


It takes a community to build a business. When I created Astromomma, I thought I was just creating some astrology page. Now as I stand here almost 4 years later, I in fact realize I am building something much greater. I am building a tribe of loving, generous and supportive souls who have each other's backs even when the world is going cray and flipping its sh**.  I literally cry every time I read your lovely comments and messages of support for my work but also for each other. This is what the world needs now! Thanks to all of you, I have been able to live my dream that I did not even know existed. You all are the best and I am so grateful + appreciative of each one of you. Due to the overwhelming support of the 2021 Written Horoscopes, I have decided to create one for 2022, 2023 and 2024. The 2022 Written Horoscopes will be out in the fall of 2021. I again will donate each sale to charity. Thank you for being you and for the contribution you are in the world! I love each of you so much! 

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These written horoscopes were channeled from the heart to inspire and motivate you for the year ahead. For every sale, I will donate $1 USD to the wonderful, a charity that is committed to making a difference for refugees. I wanted these horoscopes to be practical, affordable and easy to share with your friends and family. Thank you for all your lovely feedback and support my loves!


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