Super Full Moon in Libra- Soulmate or Woundmate, Healing the Feminine + Masculine, The Sacred Union of the Self + Another

Super Full Moon in Libra- Soulmate or Woundmate, Healing the Feminine + Masculine, The Sacred Union of the Self + Another


On March 28/29th, we have the powerful Super Full Moon at 8 degrees of Libra. Full Moons are always highly emotional and intense. In the days leading up to the full moon you can almost taste the rise of emotions and feel the thickness of their heaviness. All Full Moons represent, release, manifestation and endings. Libra, the 7th zodiac sign is known to be fair, balanced, relationship focused, and concerned with justice and peace of mind.

The Full Moon in Libra is here to offer a peaceful stance of understanding and equality. No other sign stands for unity of consciousness and fair exchanges quite like the Libra. A recognition within our own being as well as with another is what this next lunar phase will bring forth. A release of the past ways of relating to each other is here.

The Libra Full Moon wants us to create harmony but not from a space of lack or what is missing. There is an emphasis with this full moon in locating the love we so seek first within ourselves and then inside of creating a healthy union. If we are currently in a relationship or partnership that is unbalanced or unhealthy, then this lunar event could signal an ending of that relationship.

Issues around co-dependency could be particularly and painfully highlighted at this time.  Every sign has a higher and lower vibration to its energies. This is the universal law and not singled out to astrological principles alone. Libra in its highest state wants to create utopia on earth, partnership equality and the experience of beauty and justice. Libra in its lowest state will create a need for partnership, a blind eye to disagreements in order to keep such states of peace and compromise of one's own identity. You can see the contrast. This Full Moon will ask us to find the balance of both the lower and the higher states of the sign. When we can find such balance is when interdependence and authenticity can prevail.

The essence of honoring our own inner femininity and masculinity will be brought up to the surface with this full moon. If we notice that our partner/friend/family member is not bringing us more support or understanding, than we will have to decide of whether their presence in our lives is justified. I am not talking about a one-off day of being cranky or difficult. I am referring to the consistency of the interactions we share with such individuals. Tough choices around protecting our energy while keeping our hearts open will be a big theme with this lunar event.

At the time of the Full Moon in Libra, there are many other planetary alignments occurring. The first will be a conjunction between Chiron, an asteroid, who is called the wounded healer, and who signifies, wounds deep within that need our own understanding and recognition and Venus, the planet of, love, beauty and pleasure, both together in Aries. Chiron and Venus conjunct in Aries will bring up the wound of declaring our individual voice and stance in the world. This aspect could also reveal our selfishness and impatience with ourselves and one another. Not easy shit to face. When we can take a moment to acknowledge these traits, we can free ourselves of their grip. Repression and avoidance will not do that. Courageous ownership is what this aspect will produce if we are willing to be honest.

The second major aspect involving the Full Moon will be a beautiful and beneficial trine between La Luna and Mars, the planet of, war, passion and purpose, who is in the sign of Gemini and Saturn, the planet of, order, restriction and responsibility who is in the sign of Aquarius. The Full Moon in Libra in cahoots with Mars and Saturn will aid in our desires of passion as well as our sense of grounding and purpose. Being that both Mars and Saturn are malefic planets could bring in a slightly more challenging and fierier stance to the full moon, even with their positive configuration. For sure whatever is created or that ends at this time will be done with lots of action and purpose behind it.

The Full Moon in Libra is here to recognize the power of love but also that this source is not dependent on anyone other than yourself and the divine. While relationships are beautiful and meaningful, they start from our own stance of self-love and respect. If you do not honor your own love, how can you create a healthy love with another? Seems simple but alas it usually is not the case.

The Full Moon in Libra wants you to find the sacred feminine and sacred masculinity within. This comes after you acknowledge and make peace with the distorted femininity and masculinity. One does not replace the other. One evolves into the other with the greatest healing power on the planet which is LOVE. The Full Moon in Libra is here to produce an awareness of the love that already exists within yourself, create loving and healthy unions, based in authenticity and strength and remind you that your darkness is not to be feared but rather embraced with your light and understanding of the power of polarity.

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Image: Progress of the Soul by Alex Grey

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