Sun in Taurus- Who + What Do You Value?, Grounded Pleasures, A Change Is A Comin… Eclipse Time Magic + Mayhem

Sun in Taurus- Who + What Do You Value?, Grounded Pleasures, A Change Is A Comin… Eclipse Time Magic + Mayhem


On April 19th/20th the Sun, which represents our life force, vitality and energy shifts from the fiery sign of Aries over to the earthy sign of Taurus. We are ready to take the fiery inspiration of the previous sign and ground our ambitions and actions into realistic masterpieces of substance. Taurus, the 2nd zodiac sign deals with values, security, money, sensuality and practicality.

The Sun in Taurus is here to bring our focus to the more tangible and realistic aspects of our existence. While there is a very solid and structured energy that longs to be established, this Taurus season is going to be one filled with many twists, turns and surprises. The reason is we are now in Eclipse season. Eclipse season is one of many changes, unexpected occurrences and reversals that show up out of nowhere. The first eclipse is on April 30th( Solar Eclipse in Taurus) and the second eclipse is on May 15/16th (Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio). This Taurus season will be rocked with unforeseen events that take us out of beloved comfort zone. While Taurus as a sign loves comfort, routine and the known, this coming season will be transformed by the power of the Eclipses energy to bring change into our lives. 

We will be hyper aware of our security, values and what or who brings us safety or what or who takes that away. Expect some kind of major shift in one or all of those areas mentioned: our money, our foundations, our values, our sense of security and our willpower. Events and situations beyond our control will arise and it will be the tenacity and solid footing of Taurus energy that will help us navigate these twists and turns. If you have felt stuck or just plain complacent, expect some kind of eureka of an awakening and a jolt of movement. Taurus is a fixed sign who is known to be quite stubborn and set in their ways. This could either help or hinder us in this Eclipse season of unpredictability and change. On one hand, it could help us stay grounded and focused during these upcoming times of turbulence. On the other hand, it could hinder our ability to welcome in such shifts, as we might cling to what was or be unwilling to stand in the unknown. The choice is yours as always. 

This Taurus season is here to have us honor and acknowledge the changes and transformation of mother earth. With so much sadness and trauma in the world at the moment, we are in need of solace and comfort. The Sun in Taurus wants you to learn how to be calm and serene even in the most unexpected and trying circumstances. There is an opportunity to ground ourselves and to get back to the basics of life. Being outdoors is always advised but even more so at this time. Pretty much everywhere in the world is lovely this time of year thanks to Venus’s loving energy being present. It is time to soothe our soul with reconnection to the Earth and to honor her beauty and unprecedented ways to soothe our being. In a world of lots of unknowns and uncertainties, may we find peace of mind and spirit within our connection to Mama Gaia. The Sun in Taurus is here to bring in major changes within our security and value systems, teach us the art of grounding + simplicity and bring us back to our center with Earth’s wisdom and beauty. 

For the Sun’s entry into Taurus, I have written another poem. You all seem to enjoy my poetry and I appreciate your love and support. Happy birthday to all my terrific Taurus folks!

Sun in Taurus Poem

May you embrace the simplicity of the Earth’s wisdom

And find solace in her sweet essence of acceptance and allowance

In a world that is fascinated with power and greed 

May you stay true to your values of peace, kindness and respect

Those never go out of style or require others to be at harm

You are a beacon of strength and tenacity 

May you never forget how far you have come 

It is this acknowledgment of the self that allows others to follow suit and

Honor their own divinity and grace 

May you never lose your ability to bounce back stronger and more determined than 


May you rest, relax and receive as these qualities are also important

There is no winning or losing 

There is a world way beyond such limited ways of being

May you always honor your inner abundance and light

You are loved 

You are cherished

You are one with the Earth

You are one with the Stars

You are a miracle

You matter

You are safe  


© Astromomma, 2022

Image: @spookygirlart


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